P-Square’s Peter Okoye

Sources: Vanguard – By Pamela Echemunor | All Things Michael


Multi-talented duo, Peter and Paul Okoye, a.k.a. P-Square, started their rise to fame over a decade ago; starting small, performing on a local scale before making it to the big league. The duo, managed by big brother Jude Okoye, introduced pop into the Nigerian music scene during an era it wasn’t a popular genre.

From street to stage, the limelight took them beyond borders, performing beside the biggest names in the music industry, locally and internationally.The second half of the duo, Peter, shares his story with Allure Vanguard. He speaks on his love for music, life and family.

How has your experience been since you began performing on the international platform?

It has been good. I remember when we had our first concert outside Nigeria. It was fantastic because when we were young, we used to see people faint, cry and rush for autographs of Michael Jackson. We thought they were just acting until it started happening to us.

Which international artist have you been anxious to work with or have you already worked with?

For me, it’s Michael Jackson. When he died years ago, it hurt. I never met him but it would have been a dream come true. This is one of the reasons I wanted to work with the Jacksons. That was why we also did ‘Personally’ amongst some others which were tributes to Michael Jackson. As soon as the video came out, less than three days later, the Jackson family put a call through to us to send their appreciation. Right now, someone we are looking forward to working with is a secret. We love surprising our fans.

Any advice for up and coming artists who look up to you?

What I always tell them is nobody can make you bigger except yourself. If you like, do an album with track one featuring P-Square, track two Michael Jackson and so on, none of that will make you big, You should always do you, be you and stop condemning yourself.

Some come up with their CDs and they’re not in the least bit confident that it’s any good. They will be like: ‘It’s not finished and I know it may not be very good but just tell me what you think’. In my mind, I’m not convinced. What I want is for you to say, ‘Men, Oga P, see this my song eh, e sweet pass all of una songs join!’ That will make me listen to you.


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