Twenty Two Songs Utahns Love Singing In The Car

Sources: | All Things Michael


Whether you’re on a cross-country road trip or just hacking through the daily commute, everyone loves a good sing-along behind the wheel. And if you’re prone to belting it out, you’re not alone: 56 percent of drivers admit to singing in the car, according to a study by DMEAutomotive. So what are the best songs for passing those long highway miles? Utahns have a few ideas.

Life Is A Highway

This is undoubtedly one of the best “sing in the car” songs. Young parents are likely more familiar with the version from Disney’s “Cars” but whether you prefer the Rascal Flatts remake or the Tom Cochrane original, you have likely belted out this car ride classic.

Man In The Mirror

There are a number of eligible Michael Jackson songs to compete for greatest car songs. From “Billy Jean” to “Thriller” to “Bad,” there is no denying that the man was a hit-making machine but there is something about “Man In The Mirror” that makes for an especially solid car performance. Maybe it’s the choir or maybe it is trying to imitate Michael’s unique sound. Whatever the reason Utahns love singing it in the car and in front of the mirror.


If you click the link above and watch just ten seconds of the music video you’ll know why Utahns love the movie and the song. When you’re driving down I-15 and you pass the Lehi Main Street exit, it’s hard not to get “Footloose” stuck in your head.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen’s epic song may be just be the best song to head bang to while in the car. If head banging isn’t your thing, you’ve still got great music to enjoy.

Free Falling

Something about the open road spells freedom. And that’s exactly why it’s so cathartic to belt out the Tom Petty classic.


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