Michael Jackson Continues To Inspire With Musical Message

Sources: Elpaisano – By Alyssa Lopez | All Things Michael


A staff writer for the Elpaisano student news paper for Rio Hondo College, has written an article entitled, “Tarnished Reputation of Pop Music.” She talks about how the sexual messages of pop music has cheapened this musical genre and uses Michael Jackson as an example of an artist with a positive message.

“Nonetheless, pop hasn’t always been interpreted as solely a sex driven genre.  The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, artfully wrote unique music by incorporating diverse intellectual and emotional lyrics that cover an extensive amount of topics. For instance, naming a few of Jackson’s numerous hit singles – “Thriller” is a horror themed song about zombies and werewolves; “Rock With You” he is expressing emotional feelings as he is dancing with someone he loves; “Man in the Mirror” a political song about the reflection of oneself who must be apart of the movement to improve the world’s problems.

Overall, The King of Pop has perfectly exemplified that pop music can be a creative and inspiring outlet of emotional connectivity. Inspiring his fans worldwide, continuously ’til this day beyond his death. “

Read the full article here

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