The Beatles, Michael Jackson and More Musicians with Space Objects Named After Them

Sources: Music Times – By Ryan Book | All Things Michael


The Beatles received an interesting honor on this date 25 years ago, as each member—John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr—received the honor of having four newly discovered asteroids named after them. It’s not a rare honor—as Mental Floss explains, there are literally hundreds of asteroids and “minor planets” in our galaxy, and although they don’t necessarily need to be named after anything, we’re a sentimental species. That’s how individuals such as The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Phil Spector ended up with astronomical objects named after them.

Michael Jackson’s Moon Crater

Naming things in space goes beyond every object floating around the galaxy. Sometimes, especially with bodies that are familiar to astronomers, we begin to name the features on those bodies as well. Nothing is more familiar than our own moon. The moon is noted for its craters, the result of having no wind or other eroding factors to rub them out of existence. Not many celebrities have had the honor of getting a crater named after them, but Michael Jackson is the most obvious candidate for the honor. First of all, one of the performer’s most famous stage moves was the moonwalk, a eye-boggling move where he seems to walk forward while moving backward. Another good reason: Jackson actually owned a 1,200 acre plot of land on the surface of the moon nearby to where the Michael Joseph Jackson crater exists. He famously paid nearly $30 an acre for the land to The Lunar Republic Society with plans for later development. Seriously.


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Administrator’s Note: Also see more about MJ’s moon property at Lunar Republic Society

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