Sources: Just Jenny | All Things Michael


Debbie Gibson stopped by Jenny Hutt’s Sirius XM “Just Jenny” show to talk about her new song “Promises” from the movie she’s starring in “Music In Me” on Lifetime. Sunday April 12th 7pmET.

During the interview, Debbie talked about meeting Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and more! Some highlights from the interview:

Debbie: Princess Diana was amazing. I met her, I was in my ripped

Jean shorts and my bandana because I was performing Electric Youth at the Prince’s Trust. And because I was going first I didn’t have time to put on a gown. And I said “Omg I am glad to meet you and so sorry I am dressed like this…” And she said “You look a heck of a lot more comfortable than I am!” So she was like so cool and down to earth and that was amazing.

Michael Jackson…when I met him he was like “I was just watching your Disney special last night.” And I’m like Michael Jackson is sitting home watching ME on TV?!!!! So that was amazing.

George Michael… because I was in the zone- first off we still didn’t know he was gay- I still had his poster on my wall, I was still in highschool and I got flown on like the Westwood One radio jet to go see him and got to sit in his catering and have dinner with him before his concert and I was freaking out.

Lifetime’s “Music In Me” airs this Sunday April 12, at 7pmET.


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