Michael Sherwood Talks About Working With Michael Jackson

Sources: Something Else – By Preston Frazier | All Things Michael


That Michael Sherwood would one day work with everyone from Toto to Michael Jackson, Air Supply to Anderson Wakeman Bruford Howe, from Tony Orlando to Lisa Loeb should come as no surprise. After all, his family also includes mid-century jazz band leader Bobby Sherwood (his father) and Billy Sherwood (the brother with whom Michael Sherwood played in both Lodgic and then in Conspiracy).

Sherwood, it’s said, got his first keyboard at age 4. With a resume that long, he must have started sitting in with famous people not long after. Perhaps Michael Sherwood’s most successful association has been with Toto’s Steve Porcaro, in a collaborative partnership that dates back to the late ’80s. Lodgic’s 1986 debut, in fact, was co-produced by Porcaro.

Fast forward nearly three decades, and Michael Sherwood has co-writing credits on two tracks from Toto’s long-awaited comeback project Toto XIV, just a few years after seeing a Sherwood/Porcaro composition included on the 25th anniversary reissue of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. There’s talk of a solo project from Steve Porcaro, as well.

MICHAEL SHERWOOD ON MICHAEL JACKSON: I took a gig as the keyboardist with Air Supply. Working with Jimmy Haun from Lodgic, as well as writing with Air Supply’s Graham Russell. Air Supply was a fun group to tour with, since the audience was mostly pretty women. Songwriting was what interested me the most, however, and I continued to hone my craft. Steve Porcaro and I had written a track for Michael Jackson called “For All Time” for the Dangerousalbum. Michael Jackson wanted another sort of “Human Nature” track, and reached out to Steve Porcaro — but, in the 11th hour, the song was bumped for Michael’s track, “Gone Too Soon.” The thing about “For All Time” is that, in 2007, I got a call from Steve Porcaro saying that Michael Jackson wanted to use the song for the 25th anniversary edition of Thriller! After listening to it we added a few things to the original recording, to update it. Steve and I had a bunch of things in the hopper for Michael’s next project, but unfortunately he had passed.


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