Revisiting The Songs Of A Goofy Movie On Its 20th Anniversary

Sources: Entertainment Weekly – By Marc Snetiker | Edited By – All Things Michael


Do not let people tell you that A Goofy Movie is not a Disney classic.

In an effort to rescue Goofy from a 60-year rut of clumsiness and bad clothing, the 1995 animated feature (which turns 20 on April 7) transformed the Disney staple into a three-dimensional character by giving him, among other things, a moody teenage son. (Goofy’s kid, Max, was first introduced in the 1992-1993 TV series Goof Troop, but as a chipper pre-adolescent; he was aged up for the movie.)

Fortunately, teen angst often comes with a soundtrack—which may be why certain Millennials still remember A Goofy Movie so fondly. The film gave us at least one song that, in my opinion, is every bit as iconic as the one where Ariel counts all the mason jars she stole.

Yet A Goofy Movie seems to have been comparatively left in the dust, languishing on VHS for 20 years as too many people ignored its virtues—harping instead on the questions it raised. (Yes, he’s a dog; no, Pluto can’t talk; honestly, it is none of your business why they wear gloves.) So as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this lost gem, allow me to remind you that it’s the music that’s kept it close to my heart. Sure, it’s no Hercules 4: Something’s Wrong with Pegasus, but it deserves your love just the same.


“Stand Out”
Despite the film’s many merits, there is really only one reason to watch: Powerline, the most popular singer in the Goofy Movie cinematic universe. He’s sort of an amalgam of Michael Jackson and Prince, with the modern sex appeal of Justin Timberlake and the showmanship of Usher when he was still relevant.

“Stand Out” is not Powerline’s best song; for that, skip ahead to the very end of this list. But it’s the song Max chooses when he hijacks a school assembly to impress Roxanne—with his sheer disregard for both school rules and a teenager’s budget.

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