State of Shock: The Michael Jackson And Mick Jagger Collaboration

Sources: Chicago Today – By Adam Franklin | All Things Michael


While driving in my car, a song came on the radio that sounded eerily familiar. I was trying to figure out who this rip off artist was, as I thought it was a newer song, when I head Michael Jackson’s voice.

Then I heard Mick Jagger’s voice! WHAT? What song is this? Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger did a song together? Yes. They. Did.

I completely forgot. This was a REAL song, and twenty-one years later, it still sounds really good.

If you too forgot, here’s a quick recap. In 1984, when Michael Jackson was fronting The Jacksons they did a song with Mick Jagger for the Victory Tour.

This song, “State of Shock,” was originally supposed to feature Freddy Mercury and appear on the Thriller album. The stars couldn’t align their schedules and eventually the Jackson’s did this song with Jagger instead of Mercury.


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