To Paris, With Love

 My Wish For You..


Piercing, blue-gray eyes

Soft, brown, little curls

The sweet face of an angel


Daddy’s precious little girl

Is all grown up

Finding out who she wants to be

At seventeen, she has only begun

With big dreams for the future


In her heart she will always remember

Her father and first love

Who made all her childhood dreams come true

She will make her parents and family proud


So on this special day, we celebrate you

You are loved by so many

For the precious little girl you were then

The beautiful young lady you are now

And the loving daughter and sister you will always be


May you find much happiness, love and success, today and always.



Much love,

From All Things Michael


2 thoughts on “To Paris, With Love

  1. Whew! Tears. This beautiful young woman is forever embedded in our hearts from the day she said, “I love him so much.” Happy Birthday, precious, brave Paris. Your daddy adored you before you were even born….

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