Review Of Michael Jackson One

Sources: The Examiner – By Tyra Hughley Smith | All Things Michael

Cirque Du Soleil And The Estate Announce Michael Jackson ONE

After Michael Jackson’s untimely death a few years ago, Cirque du Soleil commissioned a tribute to him, in Michael Jackson One, showing at Mandalay Bay. As a lover of the King of Pop, when I heard about the show a few years ago, needless to say I was intrigued. Well, I finally caught the show about a week ago at The Mandalay Bay.

The show was…AMAZING!

If you aren’t already in reverence of Michael Jackson’s sheer talent, you will be after this show. The dancing, the high-flying, the elaborate sets, all brought back a strong sense of nostalgia. Having never been able to see Michael Jackson in concert, my soul was so happy. This show truly captured his essence, his gifts as a performer.

The performance started off with ‘Beat It,’ a well-loved MJ hit. The choreography was crisp and clean but also incorporated new and different elements. Throughout the show there was not a bunch of lag time between numbers, as the shows took you through an anthology of MJ’s greatest hits in whirlwind fashion…..


Read the full review here

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