Teacher Uses MJ’s Music And Fundraising To Teach Students About Helping Others

Sources: Arkansas Online – By Linda Haymes| All Things Michael


LIFE LESSON: The students at Romine Elementary School in Little Rock are learning more than reading, writing and arithmetic. Music teacher Holly Tidball recently led a project to have her students and the entire student body of 380 raise money for Heifer International, the Little Rock-based charity that works to alleviate hunger by helping families around the world raise farm animals. Last Thursday, the children — most of them in poverty themselves and receiving free or reduced-price lunches — presented a check to Heifer International for $750.

In celebration of Black History Month in February, Tidball planned a music program for the third-, fourth-, and fifth-graders to sing “We are the World,” “Heal the World” and “Man in the Mirror,” all recorded by the late Michael Jackson. Then she challenged them to spend a month raising money to help others in need.

“I encouraged them to go home and look around the house and check between the sofa cushions for loose change,” Tidball tells Paper Trails.

“At school, in addition to their lunches, they can also buy a smoothie for a dollar, and a lot of them gave up their smoothies so they could donate,” she says, adding that some of students participate in a program in which local churches send food home in their backpacks for the weekend.

“That’s what made it so special when they ended up raising $750.17 — most of it in coins,” Tidball explains.


With the money raised, the students “bought” a water buffalo for $250, a goat for $120, rabbits for $60, two sets of honeybees for $30 each, five ducks and geese at $20 each and eight flocks of chicks for $20 each.

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3 thoughts on “Teacher Uses MJ’s Music And Fundraising To Teach Students About Helping Others

  1. What a great teacher and how wonderful for those kids to learn such an important lesson. Now THAT’S the Michael Jackson the world should know!!

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