Sony Bosses Launch Legal Action Against Prince

Sources: Contact News | All Things Michael


In a new lawsuit, the music executives allege the Purple Rain hitmaker disregarded the fact Judith Hill was signed exclusively to Sony and recorded a top secret album with her.

According to documents, obtained by, Hill, who appeared alongside the late King of Pop in his This Is It concert movie and then went on to appear on U.S. TV talent show The Voice, is currently working with Jolene Cherry, the producer who discovered Lady Gaga, under Sony’s supervision.

Despite warnings, Prince allegedly recorded an entire album with Hill and released the tracks as free Internet downloads at the beginning of the week (23Mar15).

Sony bosses and Cherry are demanding damages.


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4 thoughts on “Sony Bosses Launch Legal Action Against Prince

  1. I was going to add in my earlier comment – this is not something that Michael would ever do – in reference to Prince’s actions. Guess Prince thinks thinks he’s above violating contract commitments.

    • I’m waiting to hear what the full story is about this because we are only hearing one side. Prince has been around for quite a while and knows the industry. That’s probably why it was released for free. I hope this doesn’t’ hurt career. She is too talented not to be heard. I feel bad for her.

  2. Given that TMZ is what it is, I’ll reserve judgment. However, if it is as is reported here Prince was way out of the line and he’s been in the business way long enough to know better. Sony or no Sony!

    • Frankly, I was surprised when I heard that she was working with Prince. I know that Judith had signed with Sony, so I wondered how she was able to work with another artist who is under another label. Michael was very careful about collaborating for anything musically while under contact such as the Simpsons and even not releasing “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming” With Jermaine. Now you can see why.

      Judith has had such a hard time getting her career really going. She has worked with the greats but it doesn’t seem to work out great for her. I wish them all well.

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