Review: ‘Thriller Live’ Lives Up To Its Name

Sources: The Rakyat Post – By SUKHBIR CHEEMA | All Things Michael

 Milestone Production pic

Milestone Production pic

ALTHOUGH Michael Jackson is gone, his legacy, the manner in which his music and performances encapsulated the imagination of many around the world has been immortalised through Thriller Live.

Created by Jackson’s good friend Adrian Grant, the award-winning West End London production set the Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium stage on fire on March 19 and will continue to do so until tomorrow (March 25) when it makes its final appearance before heading back to the United Kingdom.

Presented by Milestone Production, hundreds of Malaysian fans were left in awe and tears by the end of the show on Sunday.

The vibrant and high-energy musical, which is in its record breaking seventh year at the West End London, is set to overtake Oliver! and Grease, making it the 19th longest running musical in the history of London’s famed theatre.

The whole of ACT I of the performance highlighted the adolescent years of Jackson and his gradual rise to fame through renowned performers such as MIG Ayesa, Prinnie Stevens, Sean Christopher, Alex Buchanan and J. Rome, who exuded the legendary performer’s persona in their own creative ways.

The music was interspersed with brief commentaries, which at times appeared witty and at times thought provoking on the King of Pop’s life.

By the time Rock With You was performed, many audiences were already on their feet boogieing to its tunes.

The creative blend of performers and singers urging the audience to sing and dance along was well worth the time and money.

The choices of lighting and its simple but innovative stage design dazzled everyone throughout the performances, setting the mood and feel for every song.

Following a 20-minutes break, ACT II was where Jackson’s message of peace and love was rightfully spread through memorable hits such as They Don’t Care About Us, Man In The Mirror and the famous Earth Song, as many were left teary-eyed through the visual extravaganza that accompanied the song.

Many were screaming in awe when Sean Christopher performed Jackson’s famous lean during Smooth Criminal.

Not only did he perform the famous lean, he also delighted fans by performing the famous moonwalk —  a dance routine regularly practised by many dancers throughout the world.

One of the highlights included dancers in zombie outfits jumping down the stage and scaring the audience during Thriller.

Just when we thought the show was over, a dancer walked on stage casually and typed on his phone — with the text being displayed on a big screen — asking audience, “Do you want more?” to which the stadium reverberated with a “Yes!”.

The dancer feigns a sigh and texts again with the screen displaying, “I can’t hear you” leading many to be on their feet and yelling with a resounding “Yes!”.

The dancer then pretended to spray paint ‘Bad’ on a screen, leading many to scream even louder as the well-loved song started.

Although the performances and songs were belted out in the singers’ own creative ways, die-hard fans of Michael Jackson truly felt that Thriller Live was well worth the experience to recall and celebrate the 49 years of the King of Pop, who died on June 25, 2009.

A word of advice though; be prepared to attend the show with a bottle of mineral water and some mints as by the end of the show, you’d be left with a hoarse throat.

Tickets to the multi-million dollar musical feast are still available at

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