Bringing Michael Jackson To Life In ‘Thriller Live’

Sources: Star Online – BY REVATHI MURUGAPPAN| Edited By – All Things Michael


The lead cast of Thriller Live are thrilled to play Michael Jackson.

Singing the songs of Michael Jackson is a dream come true for the lead cast of Thriller Live, a dance musical set to take place in Kuala Lumpur, starting March 19.

Among the lead vocalists of this West End, London-based production are J Rome, Prinnie Stevens and Mig Ayesa.

With millions now watching his YouTube videos and a fanbase growing in 14 countries, J Rome is an emerging talent. But starring in Thriller Live ranks high on his list of achievements.


The social buzz is a big thing, but being a part of Thriller Live is an honour for this performer.

“I love the fact that I get to hone in on one of the greatest entertainers of all time. I get to be inspired by his lyrics, movements and energy all over again every night, and even though I do not play the MJ character, there is something special, unique and might I say, MJ-esque, about every single person on that stage!” he says.

For Miguel, or Mig Ayesa, there hasn’t been any time when he did not know or like MJ.


“I think he was a very misunderstood man and those career distractions affected him deeply because he was so sensitive. I feel the same way in many ways. It’s a huge thrill (pardon the pun!) to be playing MJ but I feel the pressure of the responsibility to get it right. Even though I am doing my own interpretation of the songs, there are certain things you just cannot ignore,” he says.

As the only female lead in Thriller Live, Prinnie Stevens is an all-round performer, songwriter and presenter. Like so many, she was besotted with MJ at a young age.


“My mother would play MJ’s music constantly in the house. Being a singer/dancer from a very young age, I idolised MJ and was obsessed with his music award performances and music videos. I watch them over and over and over again.

“Singing and dancing to me comes very naturally. I am very comfortable when doing both. This is why I became such a huge fan of MJ from such a young age. Because I believe no one has done it better than him. There are not many artists who have achieved the things that MJ has as a singer and dancer. He has paved the way for singer cum dancers like myself,” she shares.

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