Michael Jackson Fans Fired Up Worldwide — New European Commercial

Sources: Inquisitor | All Things Michael


Michael Jackson is still making headlines years after his death due to his fans that keep fanning the flames of his intense popularity. In America, the recent news about Michael Jackson pertains to his possible teenage romance with Maureen McCormick — better known as Marcia Brady from the television show, The Brady Bunch. However, outside of America, remembering Michael Jackson takes several forms — and one of them is a hilarious commercial.

In England, Michael Jackson recently won an award in 2015 for “Earth Song.” Michael Jackson is also remembered regularly due to the Thriller Live show at the Lyric in London’s West End. Is the show any good? It turns out that it is entertaining, well-done, and possibly a little comical.

The Mirror UK recently wrote up a review of the Michael Jackson London show and said, “Thriller Live! features a live band, as well as a procession of Michael Jackson look-a-likes and sound-a-likes through different stages of his career from his time performing with the Jackson 5 through to his mega-successful solo career.”

In Brazil, they also celebrate Michael Jackson by hosting impersonators. In particular, the musical show “The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band” is regularly performed in Brazil by the Michael Jackson cover band, Who’s Bad. Diario De Pernambuco says Who’s Bad is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and that they cover all four decades of Michael Jackson’s career.

They also say Who’s Bad is wildly popular for covering the famed Michael Jackson and has played, “more than 700 shows in several countries.” And those tickets aren’t cheap! The Michael Jackson cover band that is particularly popular in Brazil charges each person at least R$120 per seat (about $40) for their seats to the show.

In Spain, the big news about Michael Jackson is a new commercial that features the talent of the singer mixed with a popular Portuguese player from the soccer team, Real Madrid. According to SDP Noticas, the Michael Jackson-related commercial was produced for CR7 footwear sales for the designer, Cristiano Ronaldo. In the commercial, the soccer player is dancing to Michael Jackson with smooth moves that Michael Jackson was known for.

Written in several languages, the comments below the video of the Michael Jackson CR7 commercial prove what we already know — Michael Jackson is eternally famous worldwide now and forever! Fans particularly loved seeing the soccer player doing The Moonwalk along with covering other famous Michael Jackson dances from several key chapters of his career.

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5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Fans Fired Up Worldwide — New European Commercial

  1. I miss him too 😦 ………but the fact that he’s still so remembered and loved makes me feel like the season 3 final of Doctor Who could actually happen but with MJ instead of The Doctor 😛 ….everyone thought about him at the same time and it brought him back from the edge of death

  2. I hope Michael can see —- how much the world reveres him, loves him and will always grieve for his presence. He left an unfillable hole when he died. People are still missing him and continually finding creative ways to keep him with them.

    So glad my girl is back. xo

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