“Thriller Mom” Finally Gives Birth!

Sources: Baby Center – By Michelle Stein| All Things Michael


Last week, I wrote about Bonnie Northsea, the very pregnant mom who tried inducing labor by dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Now, Northsea is back to share her beautiful birth story — as well as her advice to overdue moms-to-be.

The Gainesville, FL, mom welcomed little Willem Wolf Northsea at 11:04 p.m. on Feb. 19. Weighing in at 9 pounds and measuring 20.75 inches long, Willem made his grand entrance with a home water birth. And the photos are absolutely stunning!

Check out this touching photo slideshow of his birth story, courtesy of Stacey Steinberg Photography.

The entire labor and delivery lasted just over two hours, Northsea told BabyCenter. Willem came so fast, in fact, that the midwives and birth photographer, Stacey Steinberg, barely made it in time for the delivery.

Thankfully, Northsea’s husband, Michael — who was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer — was able to fully participate in his son’s birth. If you remember, Northsea’s original ‘Thriller’ induction dance was created in the hopes that Michael could be present for the delivery in between chemotherapy sessions.

“The medical recommendation was to avoid skin to skin contact with our newborn son for 48 hours after his chemo treatment due to the poison secretion from his pores,” Northsea explained. “My husband completed his last chemo session at 5 p.m. on Tuesday and Willem was born at 11:04 p.m. on Thursday. He was able to cut the cord after it had finalized pulsating and was able to support me during difficult contractions in the water.”

Northsea described her home water birth as a “dream labor and delivery.”

“All of the adrenaline, natural hormones and the calm at home environment contributed to this powerful rush that I was able to feel at the time of birth,” she wrote. “In this moment, I felt that I could conquer anything. The natural pains immediately dissolved once he was delivered and I smiled/cried tears of joy as we grabbed him out of the water.”

Wondering if any of Northsea’s home induction techniques actually worked? While her dance moves were impressive, they didn’t end up naturally kick-starting the delivery process. (And neither did eating spicy food, exercising or having intimate relations with her spouse.) Once her membranes were swept after a stress test performed at 41 weeks pregnant, however, labor shortly followed.

To other overdue mamas who are anxious to meet their little ones, Northsea had this to say:

“Please know that there is a reason why you are late past your due date. Your baby is just not yet done cooking and although the ‘wait game’ can be the most difficult, it is something that many women go through; you are not alone … Hang in there and remember to treasure every day of being pregnant as it will surely come to an end very soon.”

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4 thoughts on ““Thriller Mom” Finally Gives Birth!

  1. Beautiful pictures. They made my eyes watery. I know Michael… he is a strong and wonderful person. I applaud him and his wife for celebrating life in such a wonderful way. Bless your new born baby and his little brother too. Keep smiling.

  2. OMG, I was in tears from the very beginning. What a remarkable story. What a remarkable mother and father. May God bless and keep the entire family.

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