Audio Interview With Michael Jackson’s Drummer Jonathan Moffett

Sources: WS Radio | All Things Michael


Jonathan Moffett was Michael Jackson’s touring drummer going all the way back to the Jackson 5 days and has also played for Madonna, George Michael, Elton John, Saturday Night Live and The Arsenio Hall Show. He talks about developing his drumming talent at a very young age, having grown up in a musical family where he and his brothers were encouraged by their father to pick up instruments and start playing together, and how ironically, the drums were not his first choice. Jonathan talks about the importance of recognizing what your natural talent is and nurturing that gift. (Segment 1)

Jonathan talks about learning how to play drums from listening to vinyl records and learning to pick out all the details. He started playing clubs with his brothers when he was only 10, but it made it hard for the band do get into most clubs and bars and his older brothers ended up firing him. Jonathan spent his time practicing and developing a powerful technique of mimicking bass lines on the kick drum, which earned him some notoriety and the nickname “Sugarfoot”.  Jonathan goes on to talk about auditioning for the Jackson 5 in 1979, learning the whole stage show in 3 days and blowing Michael and the Jacksons away with his ability to hear and anticipate where they are going and what to play to complement it. He was told he was the best drummer they ever had and became Michael’s go-to drummer for decades to come. (Segment 2)

Jonathan talks about his faith, the feeling that his whole life God has been watching over him and making things happen. We talk about what he is doing currently – touring with the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Experience, playing with the band Cameo, and writing music for his own solo project. (Segment 3)


Listen here

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