3 thoughts on “Spike Lee Will Follow-Up ‘Bad 25’ With A Doc About Michael Jackson’s ‘Off The Wall’ Record

  1. All I can say is bring it on. I LOVED the Bad 25 documentary and felt it didn’t get nearly the recognition it should have. Classic MSM. Scheduled it in same time slot as some big football game (sorry, I’m not a sports fan so don’t know which one) and it got poor ratings. It shouldn’t have….

    • I think what hurt BAD 25 doc is that it didn’t get enough press outside the fan community. Till this day, there are still people that I know casually who never knew that it was made. They didn’t sell it in the stores and that is what hurt it the most I think. I know they did it because the BAD 25 CD didn’t sell as they had hoped. As far as the airing on TV, I don’t think that it did badly as the news claimed. I think that it was sabotaged it intentionally by putting it in the time slot it was in and the network cut it up with commercials in the wrong places. On top that, it had to compete against two major games. http://www.ew.com/article/2012/11/23/michael-jackson-bad-ratings Was Gaga’s special shown during the game the year before? If not, that could be why the ratings were her ratings were higher. If you carefully read between the lines and all the things working against it, I think that the documentary didn’t flop as some sources gleefully reported.

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