Prince Jackson Turns 18, Pays Tribute To Dad Michael And Family

Sources: Gossip Cop – By Shari Weiss | All Things Michael


Prince Jackson turns 18 on Friday, and a few hours before the clock struck midnight on the West Coast, the son of Michael Jackson took to Twitter to pay tribute to his late father and their famous family in light of the occasion.

“Before I turn 18 tomorrow I really want to thank a few [people] and first is obviously my dad,” Jackson began. “He was and is an incredible human being. Not only did he give me the gift of [life], he gave me an opportunity to make something of myself.”

Jackson went on, “Secondly my cousin/guardian TJ [Jackson]. He has made so many sacrifices to help me along and he’s been there when I needed him and helped shape who I am.” “Finally my grandmother/guardian,” continued the teen. “She has been through so much and is such a strong woman to have to live so much.”

Jackson continued, “She’s an inspiration to keep going no matter what and has always been there for us and I love them all :).”

Jackson was just 12 years old when his father died in 2009, a shocking tragedy that put him and siblings in the care of his grandmother, Katherine.


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