Orianthi And Michael Bearden Hook Up With Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora As A New Musical Group

Sources: 3WS Radio | All Things Michael

The 2015 MusiCares Person Of The Year Gala Honoring Bob Dylan - Arrivals

It looks like Richie Sambora has got a new band together.

The former Bon Jovi guitarist attended last weekend’s MusiCares Person of the Year tribute to Bob Dylan with what he tells us is a new group. He introduced them to us, and one of them is his girlfriend:

“We have Orianthi, who everbody knows from Michael Jackson and dozens of other stuff. Michael Bearden — genius. I walked into him, I don’t know how the hell we got together, but — Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga. Me. We started writing and we just started putting a record down and I think everybody’s going to be very pleased.”

The group has no name yet, according to Sambora, but he says that “as you make the music, everything kind of becomes clear.” He describes what they’re doing as covering multiple genres: “We can take it from acoustic intimacy to the heaviest heavy.” Sambora has already announced a limited run of a dozen dates with Orianthi in Europe from mid-June through early July.

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