Pizza, Music And Elevators

Sources: In The Studio With Michael Jackson – By Brad Sundberg | All Things Michael

In many ways this is going full circle – coming back to New York. I have written about New York many times, and the pleasure it was to record the HIStory album at The Hit Factory. It’s hard to explain, but New York is sort of where I really discovered just how huge Michael was. The 1988 Grammys. The Bad Tour at MSG. So moving into The Hit Factory in 1994 seemed so natural.

The Hit Factory had this cool elevator that you would likely only find in a New York recording studio. It was a huge freight elevator that opened onto the street, so cartage (musical gear) could be loaded into it from the street and delivered to the correct floor. But it was also used for cars to access the parking garage under the building. So from time to time if Michael needed to get to our session on the 6th floor, his security guys would simply drive the van (yes, a big white passenger van, not a Maybach or a limo) into the elevator and bring him to the 6th floor – in the van! I don’t know… it wasn’t exactly “Flying Skateboard” cool, but it was still pretty cool. (Brad setting up a microphone on in Studio One on the 6th floor, giant elevator doors open up to reveal Michael getting out of a huge white van. Cool.)

We were at the Hit Factory (car elevator and all) for about 15 months working on HIStory. There were many special guests (“Janet, your brother is in that room, let me tell him you’re here”), and many of our tried-and-true friends.

Of course New York always reminds me of food. Let me rephrase that – New York has some of the best food on the planet! Pizza, water dogs, egg-on-a-roll, street carts, White Castle, steak houses, Italian joints, bagels. Yes, I gained a bit of weight on that project. We used to order in from a place called “Old Homestead” quite a bit. All these memories – all New York.

So in two weeks we’ll be back, and I am going to try something I have never done before. On Friday night (Feb 20), I am going to Skype in a couple of my friends who spent a lot of time on HIStory to talk about that album.

Steve Porcaro needs no introduction to MJ fans. He wrote two of my favorite songs, “Human Nature” and “For All Time”. Oh, and he is in a little band called Toto. Steve was with us for a chunk of time, and he is generously offering to join us via Skype that night.

Another name you may or may not know is Rob Hoffman. Rob is a great guy and a good friend since I met him at Hit Factory. He was with us virtually from the first day, and he helped with everything from recording to creating synth sounds. He was a very trusted part of the team, and continues to have an amazing career in the industry in LA. Rob was there, and he will share many of his stories via Skype.

I am so excited about “A Slice Of HIStory”, because I know these guys will bring some amazing stories. Plus – I’ll feed you pizza and beer/soft drinks! What could be a better way to spend a Friday evening??

On Saturday the 21st we will be back at Smash Studios for my full day seminar focusing on my 18 years with Michael in the studio (Bad, Dangerous, HIStory), prepping for his tours, building Neverland, etc.

New York. Michael Jackson. Pizza. Music. Stories. Memories. Friends. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t wait!

Tickets for both events are on sale now, and if you purchase both, you will receive a $40 refund. Have a great weekend, and Keep The Faith!


Two weeks from tonight – “A Slice Of HiStory”
February 20, 2015, 5-9:30pm

Two weeks from tomorrow – “In The Studio With MJ – V2.0”
February 21, 2015, 12-7pm

Smash Studios, New York

One thought on “Pizza, Music And Elevators

  1. How cool that’s going to be! I’m west coast so I and most of my other MJ fam will be missing out on the NY experience. Look forward to reading what fans report.

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