The 10 Best GRAMMY Awards Performances Ever

Sources: Daily Mail – By Katie Amey| All Things Michael


It’s recently been announced that Madonna will, once again, be gracing the GRAMMY Awards stage with what is sure to be an epic performance.

Broadcast from the Staples Centre in LA on February 8, this year’s awards ceremony will, for the 57th year, bring together the biggest names in music for a night of shocking wins, devastating losses and, best of all, incredible live music.

To celebrate, we’re looking back at some of the most awe-inspiring performances in GRAMMY Awards history. From Taylor Swift and Adele to Kanye West and Michael Jackson, there’s been no shortage of mega-watt star power over the years..

Michael Jackson, 1988

There has never been – and there will never be – a performer quite as accomplished as the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson took to the stage for his solo GRAMMYs debut in 1988 – and his one-man show would later be heralded as one of the top moments of his career.

His mesmerising (not to mention, unprecedented) 10 minute-long performance included a medley of massive hits, such as The Way You Make Me Feel and Man In The Mirror.

Rembert Explains the ’80s: Michael Jackson At The 1988 Grammy Awards

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