Mayoral Candidate Campaigns For Office With Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror And TDCAU

Sources: Chronicle Online | Edited By – All Things Michael


LORAIN, OHIO — Incumbent Democratic Mayor Chase Ritenauer faces a Republican challenger and possibly two independents in November.

The Republican challenger is Jessie Tower and Ritenauer may also face Tim Carrion or Desmond Carter, who said they plan to run as independents. Wednesday was the deadline for Democrats and Republicans to turn in petition signatures. Independents have until May 4.

Carter, a 28-year-old disc jockey and graphic designer, in December opened The Original Lifestyle Studio on Broadway, which makes logos and T-shirt designs. On his website, Carter outlines his platform, which includes encouraging entrepreneurship and economic development, as well as anti-littering and recycling programs.


Carter, who said he plans to run on a shoestring budget, announced his candidacy in a YouTube video set to Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.”

In the video, Carter calls for collective engagement.

“We’ve got to look ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves are we ready to stop talking about change and become the change that we need,” he said.

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