Jessica Simpson’s Son Ace Channels Michael Jackson

Sources: E Online – By Rebecca Macatee | All Things Michael


Jessica Simpson‘s son isn’t even 2 years old yet, but he’s already mastering the moonwalk!

Yep, the always adorable 20-month-old Ace Johnson was “working on his Michael Jackson moves” while hanging out with the family recently. Uncle Evan Ross Instagrammed a photo of the precocious, fedora-wearing tot mid-dance (practicing his “Thriller” routine, perhaps).

“The other day with the amazing baby Ace,” noted Evan, whose wife Ashlee Simpson Ross is currently pregnant with the couple’s first child. She is also the proud mom to 6-year-old Bronx, whose father is ex-husband Pete Wentz.

Evan, clearly impressed by amazing Ace’s M.J. impression, enjoys spending time with the in-laws. “Always the best of times with the family,” he wrote, hashtagging Jess, her hubby Eric Johnson and mama Tina Simpson.

Of course, Jess’ 2-year-old daughter Maxwell was sure to be hanging out with the fam on this fun day, and maybe even showing off some dance moves of her own! She’s still young, but Maxi has already proven that like her mogul mama, she loves being the center of attention!

She might’ve gotten some of her mommy’s sass, too. Jess Instagrammed her mini-me a few months ago after she broke into mom’s lipgloss drawer, and Maxwell looked quite proud of her pink pout and borrowed loot!


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3 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson’s Son Ace Channels Michael Jackson

    • I know! Isn’t it great? Between Ace and Evan’s new baby on the way, a new generation of MJ fans are guaranteed! Kudos to Evan! I just hope my sons will have eventually have children so I can have some “MJ trainees!”

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