“Black HIStory” (Or, Why I Think Black People Need To Re-Introduce Themselves to Michael Jackson”)

Confessions of a Crazy MJ Fan

Settle in, Loves…. This is about to be one bumpy ride.

I did not plan to write this particular blog for Black History Month, but three happenings I witnessed on social media pretty much forced my hand. Given the nature and source of these incidents, I thought this month might be perfect after all.

The first of these incidents was an African American artist’s “imagining” of how Michael would have looked today had he lived past 50 and without the effects of plastic surgery or vitiligo. The other was a vicious string of disrespectful, mean, and misinformed comments under a photo of Michael on a predominantly African American R&B page on Facebook. The third strike was a person who thought it was a good idea to post a question that asked if the members of this particular page felt “Michael Jackson should have gotten therapy in the 70’s before his…

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2 thoughts on ““Black HIStory” (Or, Why I Think Black People Need To Re-Introduce Themselves to Michael Jackson”)

  1. Very thoughtful but also disturbing article. It makes me sad that Michael was rejected by the black community even if only partially or for the short term. I thought many came back to him when he died and also when they realized how they had been duped by the MSM (which includes all of us regardless of race.). It adds a whole new meaning to one of my favorite lyric lines: I’m not going to spend my life being a color. Michael’s race was in his DNA, his creativity, his genius, his rhythms. No one, no disease could take that away from him.

    • It is sad, but very true. I’m glad she addressed this issue. There are many blacks who love and will always love Michael, but sadly some still have some distortions about him, just like anyone else. I hear it all the time. The media has worked overtime to destroy him any way that they could and by and through any means necessary.

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