Thriller Live Review: Sean Christopher’s Michael Jackson A Show Stopping Tribute To King of Pop

Sources: The Sydney Morning Herald – By Chloe Smethurst | All Things Michael

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Capturing the spirit of Michael Jackson’s legacy without relying entirely on mimicry, Thriller Live is buoyed up by a funky live band and several brilliant vocalists, plus a team of dancers. The staging is lively, with several levels and projection panels filling the space with visuals and the sounds of Jackson’s best-loved songs.

British performer Sean Christopher is so good he’s almost unbelievable. With his trilby pulled down low, he gives a rendition of Billie Jean so close to the original it’s as though the King of Pop himself was onstage, slicing the air with his hands, crackling through each joint and sliding backwards in a slick moonwalk.

Where Christopher excels in recreating MJ’s presence, fellow vocalists Wayne Robinson, J Rome and Peter Murphy give terrific, faithful versions of the hits without looking like imitators.

Moving easily between songs and even decades, the production resembles a concert more than a musical, which makes Mig Ayesa’s hammy acting seem out of place. Luckily, his impressive voice is perfectly tuned for ballads such as She’s Out of My Life.

Prinnie Stevens’ performance gains momentum throughout the show, reaching a high point with her show-stopping version of The Way You Make Me Feel.

Spangled jackets, gloves and belt buckles lend extra zing, as does the immersive lighting and atmospheric digital projections. If only the group choreography was tighter and more interesting, Thriller Live would be hard to fault.

With just enough audience participation and all that classic music, Thriller Live is a winner.

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