Supermodel Elle Macpherson Talks About Billy Joel, Whitney Houston, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson And More

Sources: Mstar News – By Jaymz Clements | All Things Michael

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Elle MacPherson has revealed some of the secret stories behind being a supermodel in the 1980s, talking about how she would hang out and party with celebrities like Whitney Houston, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson and was there when Christie Brinkley met her eventual husband Billy Joel. The Australian supermodel-turned-super-succesful-businesswoman also told Jimmy Kimmel Live! how she trademarked the phrase ‘The Body’ and struck out on her own with her famous calendar.

She also explained to Kimmel just how crazy the ’80s were. “It was interesting;” she admitted.”I’d just come from Australia and moved to America and was exposed to a lot.”

Macpherson then regaled Kimmel with a couple of classic ’80s stories, saying that she may’ve hooked up Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley — who were married form 1985 to 1994 — as well as setting Whitney Houston on the path to stardom!

Said Macpherson, “I remember one of my first jobs I was invited to go to St Barts… and I remember thinking ‘No, I can’t go, I don’t have enough money for the plane ticket,’ and my agency said, ‘No, the magazine actually pays for you to go,'” she laughed.

Once she got to St Barts she says “A friend of mine called me and said ‘you’ll never guess who’s playing the piano down at the piano bar,’ and it was Billy Joel!”

Down she went with her Whitney Houston, who Macpherson was working with. “She started as a model,” remembers Macpherson, “so Whitney and I were working together and then Christie Brinkley was shooting her beauty book there. So it was Whitney, Christie, and me, and Billy Joel, and the rest is history. He ended up with Christie and very much in love…

“And,” she added, “I remember Whitney made a tape and gave it to him and said ‘do you think I could be singer?’ and there you go.”

She also remembers having “dinner at a casino in New Jersey I think it was, at one of the Trump Towers, with Michael Jackson and Donald Trump,” which was “pretty cool,” she laughed.

michael jackson taj mahal (4)

So… how was it hanging out with Michael Jackson in the ’80s? “He was cool,” revealed Macpherson. “He was sweet and funny, and very wry. I remember people chasing him and he would run the other way up the escalators to try get away and I was like ‘How did he do that? How do you even go up a down escalator?’ But that was what he could do. He was nifty on his feet.”

That’s for sure.

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