MJ Fan Jason Zhang Unveils Three Michael Jackson Wax Figures In Beijing

Sources: China.cn.org – By Zhang Rui | en.people.cn| All Things Michael


Singer Jason Zhang unveiled three Michael Jackson wax figures in the Beijing branch of Madame Tussauds on Wednesday.

Jason Zhang (Zhang Jie) is a big fan of Jackson, who inspired his music career. He was invited as a special guest to unveil the wax figures.


“The wax figures are so real,” Zhang said, adding that he couldn’t believe his eyes. One figure is made based on Jackson’s image from his early career in Jackson 5. The other two are from “Dangerous” album era.



Zhang also noted that he went to the United States to visit a New York hotel and stay in Michael Jackson’s suite for a while. He also went to Las Vegas to see Jackson’s Cirque du Soleil show “One” and even stopped in at the American Music Awards to receive the International Artist of the Year, mentioned Jackson as his idol and sang a clip of “Heal the World.”

“I have been a fan since high school,” Zhang said, “Michael taught us how to love the planet, love children and how to deal with everything with a pure heart. He inspires me to keep a pure heart when I make music and pursue my dream. And he is a memory from my youth.”

The event opened with three Jackson impersonators: Zhao Junlong, Wang Jingyuan, and Wang Zicheng moonwalking to the singer’s classic tunes.




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