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Thriller LIVE in Malaysia 2015 ( (8 of 15)

The Lion King was not the only musical that was ending at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre last Sunday, with their almost fortnight long run of the concert/musical Thriller Live coming to a close. Direct from London’s West End, this musical sets out to celebrate whom some have dubbed the “King of Pop” in two hours of classic songs from the Jackson 5 and the late Michael Jackson.

If this sounds tempting to you, there are still limited runs going ahead in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland – with tickets for all three events still on sale.

Starting tomorrow, Thriller Live will be hosted by the Arts Centre Melbourne between Jan 28 and Feb 8th with 13 shows being held across eleven days. A few days later, they will be at The Civic in Auckland fron Feb 12th to Feb 22nd with fourteenshows currently listed. In what may or may not be the final leg of its Australian tour, Thriller Live will head back to Australia and be performed at the Sydney Lyric from Feb 26 to March 15 – although TicketMaster are currently listing many of the earlier shows as having “Not Many (Tickets) Left” or “No Tickets Right Now”.

Some of the many songs listed as being performed during Thriller Live include Billie Jean, Heal the World, ABC and Thriller (of course). Want to know more? You can check out the official Thriller Live website HERE.


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