Shield Group and Topsgrup Chairman Dr. Richie Nanda Talks About Guarding Michael Jackson In India

Sources: Management Today | Director | Edited By – All Things Michael


Richie Nanda is the chairman of India’s largest security company Topsgrup, employing 93,000 people. Following the completion of a takeover in 2012, he’s now also boss of The Shield Group, one of the top 10 security companies in the UK.

Michael Jackson was always my hero. He was a very vulnerable, innocent person and very gullible. I was guarding him for four days. I didn’t sleep at all.


The major breakthrough for Tops came in 1996, when the company won the contract to provide security for Michael Jackson’s visit to Mumbai: “We secured the whole event, and made sure it was done seamlessly,” he says. “But people saw me next to Michael Jackson in the press, and said ‘wow, you can handle his security’ – and then they started believing in us. This is how you get references. In 23 years, my advertising has all been through word of mouth.”


See 1:54 – 2:51 on video below.


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