Sony Musical Acts Could Be Targeted Next By Hackers

Sources: Penarth Times | All Things Michael


One Direction, Adele and David Bowie are said to be bracing themselves for the possibility that they could become the next high-profile victims of the Sony hackers.

The music stars are all signed to Sony Music, which has apparently released a blanket apology in advance of a potentially embarrassing incident, as hackers are said to have threatened to publish a string of private emails, according to the Daily Mirror.

Information that Sony bosses fear could be exposed relates to the stars’ riders, salaries, contracts and personal information, and as well as the British musicians, other big names who could be left red-faced include Beyonce, Barbra Streisand, Bruce Springsteen and Meghan Trainor.

Sony’s movie division was hacked last year following controversy over its comedy The Interview, which features an assassination plot on North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, and the FBI claims to have traced hacking group Guardians of the Peace to Pyongyang in North Korea.

A source said: “There is a terrible amount of stress in Sony about what the hackers have found. Already personal information about many of their movie stars, including passport details, the pseudonyms they use and health records, have been leaked.

“Bosses now fear similar details have been hacked on their music stars, including the demands each artist makes while on tour. There is a lot of nervousness at Sony HQ.”

The hackers have already revealed a top secret plan by Sony Music and CEO Michael Lynton to sell off the music publishing arm Sony/ATV, which owns Michael Jackson’s estate and the copyright to most of The Beatles’ songs.

Sony denied the sale would happen and Lynton was said to have issued a blanket apology to Sony/ATV head Martin Bandier and CEO Doug Morris, apparently “in advance for whatever else comes out”.

However, other Sony staff say it was not an apology and was just Lynton talking to “two top executives about a couple of very specific issues”.

North Korea has denied any involvement in the Sony hacking.


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2 thoughts on “Sony Musical Acts Could Be Targeted Next By Hackers

  1. I am sick to death of this hacking. SICK TO DEATH. Whether you love Sony or hate them, it’s wrong. If it’s Sony now, it will be us next. The same is happening in the international security world which jeopardizes all of us. Who ARE these people? (Sorry for the rant and I know there are those who disagree. JMO.)

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