Katie Piper Reveals Why She Loves Michael Jackson’s History Album

Sources: Edited By – All Things Michael | Express.Co.UK – Caroline Rees


Former model and TV presenter Katie Parker’s life drastically changed in 2008 after being raped, then attacked with industrial-strength sulphuric acid. The substance was thrown in her face by a hired accomplice of her former boyfriend, left her severely burned. She was blind in one eye. In a fight to not only save her life and reconstruct her facial features, the surgeons removed all the skin from her face, before rebuilding it with a skin substitute and skin graft. It was the first surgery of it’s kind to be completed in a single operation. Her vision was restored by a procedure known as  Ex-vivo limbal stem cell allograft transplantation (EVSCALT) at the Centre for Sight to restore her vision. Both men are now serving sentences for their crimes.

As you can imagine, the effects of the ordeal left her devastated, but she has come a long way. Relying heavily on family and friends, and thanks to the outstanding treatment she received in France, alongside her own incredible determination, she no longer feels that her burns define her. In 2009 she went on to set up her own charity The Katie Piper Foundation to help other burn victims.

In a recent interview, Katie listed Michael Jackson’s History as one of her six favorite albums to show how music has helped or inspired her life.

Michael Jackson: History (Sony)

I’m a diehard fan and love all the tracks. After I was attacked, I didn’t like songs about sex or violence but his songs are on world issues and not just about love. The music is uplifting and he stood up for what he believed in, which I admired.

Elvis Presley: The 50 Greatest Hits (BMG)

My dad is a massive Elvis fan and whenever I hear him I think of dad on family holidays doing karaoke versions of Always On My Mind. He’s so supportive that it’s music that makes me feel warm inside.

Spice Girls: Spice (EMI)

Cheesy but one of the first cassettes I bought. I was a teenager in the 1990s and this was my first experience of girl power. I knew the words to every track. It makes me smile if I hear it now because of those fond childhood memories.

John Legend: Love In The Future (Columbia)

For me and my partner, the beautiful ballad All Of Me from this is our song. The lyrics talk about loving somebody’s imperfections and my boyfriend related to it in the way he felt about me. We danced to it on holiday when someone sang it in a piano bar.

Bruno Mars: Doo-Wops And Hooligans (Atlantic)

The song Just The Way You Are came out when I was single and it resonated with me that there was no point trying to be something you’re not. Bruno’s style is similar to Michael Jackson and he’s got a fantastic range. I do charity runs and this is motivating when you’re exercising.

Mariah Carey: Music Box (Sony)

In my early recovery I made a video to track my progress and to thank my surgeon. For the part about him, I used Hero from this as the backing track. The lyrics jumped out at me and her voice is incredible.

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3 thoughts on “Katie Piper Reveals Why She Loves Michael Jackson’s History Album

    • Yes, it’s amazing. His music is so healing and meaningful. His songs have helped when I couldn’t share my problems with anyone. It’s like he knows what you are going through. It just blows my mind about how he was able to connect to so personally to many thousands of people. Only a real, God sent person could do that and I believe with all my heart that he was. Michael was annointed.

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