The Ghosts of Jealousy: Media And Social Attacks On Michael Jackson’s Children

Source: Written By All Things Michael

prince paris and blanket - atm edit

For the past several years, there has been a relentless amount of stories written about Prince, Paris and Blanket.  The Daily Mail has hounded Prince for years when he goes out on a date or simply hangs out with his family and friends. Since he is about to turn 18, Radar Online and most recently Stacey Brown, have set their claws for him. Since the unfortunate events that led up to Paris’s hospitalization in 2013, the media has foamed at the mouth to picture Michael’s children as out of control and on the brink of disaster. Some naysayers try to hurt them with hateful remarks. They want them to doubt and question who they are.

The sympathy that was showered upon on them after Michael’s memorial is now a distant memory.  As you may recall, the news ran reel after reel of Paris’s heartbreaking tribute at Michael’s memorial for weeks.  The entire world seemed so fascinated over the fact that she simply loved her dad and saw him as a normal person.  They were so well-behaved and mature that people couldn’t fathom that it was the result of Michael’s excellent parenting.  Since that time the entire world, particularly the media, has not stopped watching their every move. The public ridiculed Michael for many years for covering his children’s faces, but he was a smart man.  He only wanted them to have to have a childhood free from public scrutiny. Michael also knew that one day his children would have no peace because he is their father and that is exactly what has happened. Prince, Paris and Blanket have the same rights as anyone else to enjoy their lives freely and without interference from outsiders.

Paris and Prince have been verbally assaulted on their social media accounts with cruel insults for no reason. People forget or simply do not care, that they are just your average teens, trying to do what their peers are doing, but they cannot because of who they are.

Why is this happening? It’s simple…..they are the children of Michael Jackson, the biggest and most famous celebrity, world-wide. It’s also all about jealousy.

Shamefully, there are people who don’t want to see Michael’s children do well. Nothing would please them more than to see them notoriously featured story as a sensational cover story as was done to their father.


Many people were (and still are) very jealous of Michael’s vast success.  Those same “ghosts of envy” are trying to rise up against his children. Some journalists were not happy about Prince’s week-long appearance on Entertainment Tonight as a guest correspondent, saying that he has not earned his dues. The envy against Michael’s children stems from the fact that they are financially well off and their famous bloodline automatically gives them raised status.  They probably won’t have to work a day in their lives if they choose not to do so, but they have made it clear to the world that they want to make their own way in life.

Today’s media is vicious. The tabloids do not care whether you are young or old, whether it’s the truth or lie, they will go after you.  The cruel irony of the fact is that TMZ is as successful as it is today because of Michael. Being the first to break the news of his death, gave them some credibility that they never had before June 25, 2009.

When Michael was growing up, the media’s portrayal of him was very different. Much of the attack on him did not happen until he grew up. During the Jackson 5 years, the press simply presented him as a cute and incredibly, gifted child. Later on, Michael became the tabloid whipping boy for decades years.   After he reached humongous musical and financial success and shattered records like no one before him, the media and other entities tried many times to take him down, making it their life’s mission to destroy his career. The media loved to kick Michael before the world, while gleefully reporting the damage as front page news. He couldn’t go anywhere or say anything or do anything without it being ridiculed.

“Like the old Indian proverb says, don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins,” he wrote. “Most people don’t know me. That is why they write such things in which most are not true. I cry very very often because it hurts…But still I must achieve. I must seek truth in all things. I must endure for the power I was sent forth, for the world, for the children. But have mercy, for I’ve been bleeding a long time now.” – Michael Jackson


No matter what he said or did, it was met with speculation, doubt and fabrication of the real facts. The harder he fought for his privacy and credibility, the more the media  and society bashed him.

“Why not just tell people I’m an alien from Mars. Tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight. They’ll believe anything you say, because you’re a reporter. But if I, Michael Jackson, were to say, “I’m an alien from Mars and I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight,” people would say, “Oh, man, that Michael Jackson is nuts. He’s cracked up. You can’t believe a damn word that comes out of his mouth.” – Michael Jackson

“I told the truth and told them everything about me and they twisted it around. I don’t know what to do anymore. I tell the truth and it doesn’t work.” – Michael Jackson

The world is now beginning to see that Michael Jackson was telling the us the truth about many issues. He was a modern-day prophet, sharing his deep love, passion and concern for the world’s problems in his music, songs, speeches and writings. He backed up his convictions in action and deed. He suffered and I dare say even died for it. Even 5 1/2 years after death, we still see stories about him that read like something out of a fiction novel. The endless lawsuits continue with no sign of ending. The sad part is that a lot of people will still believe what they read in print, but the truth is finally coming out for Michael’s full and complete public vindication.

But back to the subject at hand…what kind of so-called, “professional” writer would waste time taking jabs at a teenager or reporting about their personal life? Since when is being a member of the National Honor Society, volunteering at a children’s hospital, building cages for your pets and sculpting jewelry reasons to label a gifted and intelligent young man with derogatory names? When did it become acceptable to slander and bash minors?  Is this real reporting or what I call “toilet paper” journalism? I think you will agree that it is definitely the latter.

The media’s insane fixation with stalking famous children could also be viewed as a form of mental child abuse. This is not about reporting the news. Following children around in their daily activities is straight up harassment, which prompted actresses Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner to take action to get Senate bill 606 passed to increase the possible punishment for the paparazzi who stalk celebrity children.

Senator Kevin de León, who sponsored the bill stated: 

“Kids shouldn’t be tabloid fodder nor the target of ongoing harassment. SB 606 will give children, no matter who their parents are, protection from harassers who go to extremes to turn a buck.”

Unfortunately, the protection under this bill only covers a child or ward under 16 years of age, but with Prince becoming a legal adult in a few weeks, he can sue on his own behalf against those who slander or harass him, if he chooses.

Whatever the future holds for Michael’s children, I pray that they will continue to grow up confident and strong, despite whatever negativity is thrown at them. May they do many great and amazing things as they grow into adulthood.

6 thoughts on “The Ghosts of Jealousy: Media And Social Attacks On Michael Jackson’s Children

    • That is correct, but the focus the article is about how the media is trying to do the same things to Michael’s children as they did to him, but they stalking them as children. Today’s media doesn’t care that they are young, they are just out for salacious stories. I trying to point out Michael didn’t have the same tabloid media pressure that they have at the same age. That came later when he was adult. No body should be treated this way no matter their age or position in life.

  1. Well done! I’ve seen the media about Prince’s snakes, his girlfriends, even his night out a few days ago at Chateau Marmont. Somehow though I missed that slithering snake, Stacy Brown, weighing in. He is a repugnant, sadistic human being – no wonder he and Dimond are pals.

    Prince seems to handle this stuff pretty well. He had the longest time under Michael’s tutelage and Paris seems to be doing much better. However, we don’t know how they handle things privately. For all the gossip about the Jackson family, I think the kids have strong, careful caretakers who are give them love, security and as normal a life as possible. Unfortunately, this will be PP&B’s lives forever. My prayers are that they just stay grounded, supported and gather strength from each other.

    • Thank you D.

      “However, we don’t know how they handle things privately.”

      That is so true and people need to think about how they are feeling inside. Males particularly are not always expressive about their emotions. I wish I could make it better for them, but like you said all we can do is pray and support them. I’m sure that Michael will always watch over them as well.

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