Brooke Shields: Michael Jackson “Was A Unique Genius”

Sources: Healthy Living – By Yana Mandeville | All Things Michael


In the January 2015 issue of Healthy Living Magazine, Brooke Shields discusses her eminent personal relationships, stardom and her struggle with her mother’s alcoholism.

Healthy Living: What about Michael Jackson? It’s extremely rare to have a person in your life of a such consequence such as Michael Jackson, as it was becoming clear with time that Michael Jackson’s art will survive us all. Did you feel at the time how special he was and how his legacy would continue?

Brooke Shields: He was a unique genius. He was sort of a miracle in many ways with regard to his capacity and his talent. So, I think that I was very aware of his uniqueness. But I was also aware of his sensitivity and the way his heart worked. He was a really polite, sweet, sweet person. Just innately, we both realized that we could trust each other. That is something in the entertainment industry very hard to find.

This issue of Healthy Living  Magazine is on sale now.



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