Osteology Exhibit Coming To Orlando Will Feature MJ’s Alligator

Sources: Orlando Sentinel – By Dewayne Bevil | All Thing Michael


There’s no bones about it — there’s a unique attraction coming to the new I-Drive 360 attraction.

Skeletons: Animals Revealed will feature 400 different species in the shadow of the Orlando Eye observation wheel.

“We’ll put them in interesting and unique positions,” executive director Mark Brisson says.

At least one of the displays has a Central Florida connection. Hanging from the ceiling will be the bones of a killer whale that died of natural causes at SeaWorld Orlando in the 1990s. It had been housed at Oklahoma City’s Museum of Osteology, owned by Skulls Unlimited International Inc., which is bringing the related attraction to Orlando.

Other unusual items: an alligator owned by Michael Jackson, a Komodo dragon given to President George H.W. Bush, a Tasmanian devil and “a chimpanzee that was part of the NASA space program, who went up into space,” Brisson said.

Creativity will meet mythology at Skeletons, set to open in March.

“We’re going to take real bones of a horse, real ones for a human, fuse them together and create a centaur,” Brisson said.
Although the bulk of exhibits are from the dead-and-gone set, one area will feature alive-and-well creatures. Under glass will be flesh-eating beetles, the insects that strip the carcasses clean in Oklahoma. In Orlando, they’ll be for display only.

“They only eat dead flesh. You can hold them. They’re not going to bite you; they’re not going to kill you,” Brisson said. “Still, it’s a cool element. No one else in Florida has flesh-eating beetles, so we’re happy with those.”


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