Upcoming Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Of Neverland Valley Park

Sources: Sent By Rob Swinson (Michael Jackson’s Maker of Dreams) | Edited By – All Things Michael


As a follow up event that very few MJ fans are even aware of is the upcoming 25th Anniversary of Michael and I inaugurating his beautiful new “Neverland Valley Park” on Halloween EVE, Oct. 31st, 1990. “Neverland” 25th Anniversary International Celebration.

I want to inform Michael’s worldwide fans that Halloween Eve, October 31st, 2015 will be the 25th Anniversary of “Neverland Valley Park,” an event very well documented in my book, “Maker of Dreams.” On that very special eve of All Hallows, a wonderful celebration dinner took place in Michael’s home, which was followed by the amusement park inauguration with Michael, myself and a few guests. The symbolism created with the combination of Michael’s love of disguises and the amusement park inauguration falling on Halloween Eve made this truly a very special event that I feel Michael would like to see become an International celebration in October 2015, and thereafter, hopefully to benefit some of Michael’s “Children of the World” as a fund raising opportunity. Any suggestions, input or show of support will be appreciated. God Bless & L.O.V.E. – in honored and continued remembrance of our dear Michael…

Rob Swinson, Michael Jackson’s “Maker of Dreams”

Below is a photo never before shared taken of some Neverland staff in front of Michael brand new carrousel on the “All Hallows” eve celebrating a most special and happiest historical event to occur during Michael life while with us here on Earth…


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