Prince Jackson Looks Sharp On The Red Carpet At The True Blood Final Season Premiere (Updated)

Source: Daily Mail – By Mike Larkin / All Things Michael


It was sure to be a Thriller.

So no wonder Prince Jackson looked so excited when he turned up at the final season premiere of True Blood in Hollywood on Tuesday.

The jolly teenager flashed peace signs at his fans in the crowd as he lapped up the attention at the bustling event.

The 17-year-old showed some of the swagger of his old man Michael as he sauntered down the red carpet.


He looked quite the dashing young chap in a black suit, smart leather shoes and pullover.

No doubt the Prince Of Pop’s eldest son was excited to be seeing show favorites such as Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Joe Manganiello in the flesh.


The popular show is finally coming to an end after six sizzling series at the top.
Series seven promises to be as gripping as ever, with the residents and vampires of Bon Temps in Louisiana last seen about to face off against a horde of Hepatitis-V infected bloodsuckers.
The show premieres on HBO on Sunday, taking the time slot occupied by the channel’s smash hit program Game Of Thrones.

Prince with  Anna Paquin

Prince with Anna Paquin

Prince with Joe Manganiello

Prince with Joe Manganiello

Please Note: Ordinarily, I do not post stories about Prince by the Daily Mail, but since this was a public event and he looks so sharp like his dad, I thought it to be appropriate. I am so proud of the fine young man he has become. Like Prince said, “his dad raised him right.”

12 thoughts on “Prince Jackson Looks Sharp On The Red Carpet At The True Blood Final Season Premiere (Updated)

  1. He’s starting to look more like Michael. What comes to mind is Michael at the MTV 1995 Video Music Awards. All three children have Michael’s smile but Blanket is the spitting image of his father….just a beautiful child!!

    • Prince reminded me so much of Michael on the pictures. All of them are great kids inside and out. I’m going to update the story in a few minutes with a video and some other photos I have found.

  2. Thx for posting. It’s wonderful to see what a poised, gracious young man he’s become. He’s also trimmed down, is wearing his hair smart and is beautifully dressed. Just like his daddy!

  3. Appreciate your posting this. I think it’s evidence of the predictable build up that comes before the tear down. Get ready, it’s coming.

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