Black History Month: Black Culture Influencing Fashion ~ Spotlight MJ

Source: Essence

Michael Jackson

By: sashanaa

By: sashanaa

The King of Pop’s distinct style is one that has been admired for decades. His unique crystal encrusted details, marching band-style jackets, and 80’s bold shoulder padding are just a few fan favorites that have been emulated.

Michael Jackson Performing on Victory Tour

Star Bright

Jackson’s style choices were as exceptional as his talent — bold and one-of-a kind. His affinity for metal hardware made him shine in more ways than one stage.


Regal Runway

The legend’s passing gave way to a resurgence of Jackson-inspired style on the runways. Design houses including D&G, Balmain and Haider Ackerman, to name a few, brought the icon’s exaggerated shoulder, metal detailing, and marching band style to the forefront of fashion. 


Balmain Spring 2012 runway

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