3T Talks To ITV’s Kevin Hughes About Their Big Reunion And MJ (Audio)

Source: Jackson Source / ITV


We have to work double hard to prove that we’re talented in our own right. – Taj

3T.com reports: Taj, Taryll and TJ spent three weeks in the UK, along with members of the bands A1, Damage, Eternal, Girl Thing and 5th Story to record a brand new series of The Big Reunion. The Big Reunion tells the story of these six bands getting back together and working towards performing at The Big Reunion concert in 8 episodes. 

3T’s story
The first episode of The Big Reunion airs on ITV2 on February 6th. In one of the following episodes, 3T’s story is featured. In that episode the brothers reveal their story about the rise and “fall” of 3T. In interviews that were shot at home in California early January 2014, the T’s explain why they were put in pause for so long and talk about the hurdles they have overcome.

The Big Reunion concert
The Big Reunion live concert with live stage performances by 3T and the other participating bands is on February 21st at Eventim Apollo Hammersmith in London. Footage of this concert will be aired by ITV2 in the final episode of The Big Reunion 2014 on the 27th of March. Tickets for the concert will go on sale immediately after the broadcast of the first eipsode of February 6th and are expected to sell out in minutes.

For those living outside the UK, you can watch the ITV2 chanel and show via FilmOn website

For more photos of 3T participating on The Big Reunion and their stay in the UK, visit 3T Memories on Facebook




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