MJ Glittery Tattoo Meet And Greet 2014

Source: Thanks to MJBliss (Betty Byrnes) for sending!

glitter socks

  ♥ All that Glitters… is MJ ♥

What: MJ Glittery Tattoo Meet & Greet 2014
Who: Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California (MJFSC)
When: Sunday, June 22, 2014 – 5 – 9pm
Where: Roosevelt Hotel Lobby on Hollywood Blvd.

We celebrate the life and LOVE of Michael Jackson on a one to one basis. MJ fans from all over the world will meet in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel lobby on Hollywood Blvd. just across the street from MJ’s Hollywood Star and Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Meet those you talk to everyday on Face Book in person… relax in a living room atmosphere. Michael continues to weave his tapestry of LOVE around the world and at this Meet & Greet that world becomes a little smaller as we get to know one another on face to face level.

There will be many Glitter Tattoos to choose from including these below in all different glittery colors:


MJ Glittery Tattoos – $7 to $10 each, will be applied by a professional artist, will last up to 10 days (the entire anniversary week), waterproof, FDA approved.

Drinks and food available for individual self order from the bar or restaurant.

Directions to the Roosevelt Hotel:

Glittery Tattoo Meet & Greet Face Book page:

Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California – MJFSC (Face Book Group)



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