♥ MJ Lanterns Of Love ♥ (Updated)

Source: MJ Bliss – Betty Byrnes

Lanterns Beach

♥ Be God’s Glow at MJ’s Lanterns of LOVE ♥

Who: Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California (MJFSC)
Where: Santa Monica Pier
When: June 26, 2014 8 to 11:00pm

Come to Santa Monica Pier and light a Luminary Lantern of LOVE on the beach for Michael. MJ fans will meet on the beach on the South side beyond the pier. Write your message of LOVE on the Lantern for the event and then take it home with the LED lite for a memento. ♥

There will be 200 luminary lanterns of LOVE in the sand as tribute to Michael Jackson and in celebration of his life and all he gave the world.

Rose Lantern starburst bag

Luminary Lantern’s are $4 each and will go to the first to arrive. Includes the decorative Luminary Lantern and LED light.

Info: Santa Monica beach does not close. The parking is limited as there will be Thursday Night Twilight Concert series taking place at this time. Many of the parking lots close at sunset. However the main 1550 parking lot next to the pier on the north side will be open and does not close.

MJ Trivia: ** The 1550 parking lot on the north side of the pier is where MJ saw Cirque du Soliel in the big white tent for the first time with Branca. **


Come early to enjoy the pier rides: Merry go Round, Bumper Cars, Arcade games, Ferris wheel etc and to assure your parking spot. Please try to carpool and fit as many MJ fans into your car as possible. Many who are in L.A. for the 5th anniversary are from out of the country and will rely on others for transportation. MJ fans are great at this!

Main parking lot:
1550 Pacific Coast Highway
Parking rates range from $6 to $12 per hour
There is also metered parking by Hot Dog on A Stick.

Directions to Santa Monica Pier:

MJ’s Lanterns of LOVE ♥

Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California (MJFSC) Face Book Group:

Important beach rules:
No smoking on the beach
No drinking of alcoholic beverages
No playing of boom boxes or loud music
No glass containers of any kind allowed on the beach

Join in around the world!!
Please wherever you are in the world join in. Plan your own Lanterns of LOVE event in tribute and LOVE for MJ. It is difficult to hold the event on the same day and hour around the world. As noted L.A. Lanterns of LOVE will be on June 26th… it was the only open time with all the events taking place and still some over lapped. *** However it is not the exact time or day that matters but that MJ fans from around the globe join in and show LOVE in Tribute to MJ.

♥ Lanterns of Love are a beautiful way to show the world and Michael Jackson he will never be forgotten. Gather your MJ friends and plan your Lanterns of LOVE event now!!


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  1. This info about Lantern’s of Love has some incorrect info please email or pm me on FB for the corrections. Thank you, Betty Byrnes

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