10 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: Teen Dream (Pictures)

    • Hi,

      I know you probably gave up on me and the story but I wanted to let you know that I updated it five days ago. It was hard for me to write during the AEG. I hope you will see this message and if you do, I hope that you like the chapter.

      Much love ♥

      • Sorry! I haven’t logged on in ages! Life got a bit busy haha. I hope you are doing well. And if you’re in the snowstorm that you’re staying warm.

        And I completely understand. I will check it out soon!

      • Hey girl! I have missed you so! I am so glad to hear from you. Happy New Year! We missed the worst of the snow but got some. We may get some tonight or tomorrow. I hope not. I am so happy to hear from you! I hope you get a chance to read soon. Sorry it took so long.

        Much love ♥

      • I’m sorry!
        Happy New Year to you too! And belated Merry Christmas.
        You’re lucky, its been snowing all day here. Well except the hour or two where it rained. XD
        I will probably read it tonight, however right now I am preoccupied with painting. ^.^
        Its quite alright though, thats how it works, sometimes it comes easily sometimes you have to wait for the creativeness to kick in. I definitely have to give it to you though, I could never write a story like you have.

      • As long you enjoy is all that matters. I don’t think I am that good a writer but i enjoy it. I bet that you are way better than you think. If you ever want to share, let me know.

        You have really made my day hearing from you! 🙂

      • Indeed. You are definitely better than you think then.
        Will do (:
        Thanks for sending me the update, even though it took three months for me to see it.

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