Inside Michael Jackson’s Thriller Villa

Source: Inside Edition/Thriller Villa


INSIDE EDITION gained exclusive access and toured Michael Jackson’s Las Vegas Villa where he spent much of his time getting ready for what would be his final concerts.

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About Thriller Villa

Thriller Villa is the name given to the primary structure located at Hacienda Palomino, the 1.7 acre compound which was Michael Jackson’s final Las Vegas residence.

The estate is owned and managed by foreign diplomats and plays host to select private events and special occasions in support of the local community and the neighborhood.

Hacienda PalominoThe home was built by eccentric theater developer Horst Schmidt, a man known for his unusual and intriguing interiors. When he passed away, the present owner purchase the property from his estate. He leased it to Michael Jackson, who lived here from early 2007 until his death. He was the last resident. The property sat vacant until 2011, at which time the owners decided to complete the renovations discussed earlier and share the property with members of the community when appropriate.

Neverland Chapel

Neverland Chapel is the name given to the chapel, adorned with musical insignia and guarded by the patron saint of the animals, which is the forefront of the property known as Hacienda Palomino.

The most elaborate in Las Vegas, Neverland Chapel has been vacant since the death of the former resident Michael Jackson. Previously discussed renovations have been completed. The owner first re-opened the property in June of 2012 to host the Embassy of and consulates of Monaco in the US, and local dignitaries including Steve Wynn, Sig Rogich and others.

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King’s Courtyard

The King’s Courtyard in a square, enclosed courtyard behind an enormous door, hidden from sight behind the Hacienda walls. Shaded by trees and presenting a fountain and statuary including Hijos de la Luna, a marble statue of children riding the crescent moon, grace the ambiance. King’s Courtyard can accommodate up to 300 guests, and may also be tented.

The Foyer, Havana Cigar Bar and Grand Salon all open up directly to the King’s Courtyard. There are two automobile-sized gates and an outdoor covered corridor as well.

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Grand Salon

The Grand Salon has hosted private meetings and elaborate dining events. A stunning room featuring a real stone fireplace and Murano glass chandelier, it was once a favorite retreat for former resident Michael Jackson.

Seating up to 80 when configured as a dining room, adjacent to the Havana Bar and overlooking the Kings Courtyard, the room is convertible to cocktail use as well.

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The Foyer

The spectacular main entrance to the property opens into the Foyer.

Overlooking the King’s Courtyard through a wall of arched windows and a very special glass and wrought iron door, the Foyer’s custom wood ceiling speaks of old world craftsmanship. A fireplace keep things cozy in the winter. A grand piano can be played to welcome guests, as does a life-size painted portrait of the property’s last resident, Michael Jackson.

The Foyer has lots of room to check in guests, with a red-carpeted walkway allowing plenty of traffic. A large desk serves to welcome arrivals.

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The Grounds

The Grounds of Hacienda Palomino are an award-winning, extraordinary example of how lush and colorful desert landscaping can be. The entire 1.7 acre meticulously is completely landscaped with rare trees and blooming cacti. Shade coverage is designed to make the property’s many outdoor facilities useful year round.

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