On This Day In MJ History: “Beat It” Premieres On MTV March 31, 1983 / Bad Tour March 31, 1988

Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” video debuts on MTV.  

The video, which cost Jackson $150,000 to create after  CBS refused to finance it. It was filmed on Los Angeles’ Skid Row—mainly on locations on East 5th Street around March 9, 1983.  http://www.iamnotastalker.com/2010/03/26/the-probable-warehouse-from-michael-jacksons-beat-it/  


To add authenticity to the production but also to foster peace between them, Jackson had the idea to cast members of rival Los Angeles street gangs Crips and Bloods. In addition to around 80 genuine gang members, the video which is noted for opening up many job opportunities for dancers in the US, also featured 18 professional dancers and four breakdancers. Besides Jackson, Peters and Vincent Paterson, the cast included Michael DeLorenzo, Stoney Jackson, Tracii Guns, Tony Fields, Peter Tramm, Rick Stone, and Cheryl Song.

(Interview is interrupted by a song. but will resume)

Article interview while on the set of Beat it with Sylvie Simmons: https://vallieegirl67.com/2012/11/20/michael-jackson-magic-is-easy-if-you-put-your-heart-into-it-a-classic-interview-from-the-vaults/


Consequently on this same date, “Billie Jean is the number one song in the country. 



March 31, 1988: The Bad Tour continues its second night in Hartford, Connecticut at the Hartford Civic Center.

HC Michael 7

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