Michael Jackson Recorded a Country Song

Source:  Broadway’s Electric Barnyard

Countless people have ended up on this site after searching for ‘Michael Jackson country remake’. It brings them to this post about Matt Stillwell’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, which is in fact a Michael Jackson remake.

It made me wonder, did Michael Jackson ever collaborate0 with a country artist?

The answer is yes. From what I gather, they met through Lionel Richie who at the time was producing Kenny Rogers’ 1981 album ‘Share Your Love’. Lionel wrote a song called ‘Goin’ Back to Alabama’ and somehow Michael ended up doing the background vocals. 

So, how did Michael end up on this song?

I know Lionel met Michael when he was part of the Commodores, but I don’t see any collaborations in their past outside of ‘We Are the World’. Lionel didn’t produce or write any material for Michael. Friends yes, co-workers not really.

Some suggest that Lionel and Michael were writing ‘We Are the World’ around the same time that Kenny was recording ‘Share Your Love’. This is not true. A few years actually separate the release of the CD and the writing of ‘We Are the World.’

I now find myself extremely interested in how this collaboration happened. If you know the story, please share!


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