Justin Bieber Shows Love For Michael Jackson In “Boyfriend” Video From Upcoming Album “Believe”

Source: Much Music

We’ve seen him covered in women’s hands and watching a tire swing on fire, but in today’s third teaser for Justin Bieber’s upcoming music video for Boyfriend, the young singer is channeling his inner Michael Jackson. With a snap into a pointed finger and crossed feet, Bieber hits MJ’s signature pose in his third video teaser, getting us even closer to next week’s full video release for Boyfriend.

Justin has never shied away from speaking about his love for the late King of Pop and was even honoured by being asked by Jackson’s children to speak at their father’s induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame last year.

While many pop artists have paid homage to Jackson in music videos and songs, Bieber just may be the sole singer of the 21st century whose career can actually hold a candle to the legacy of Michael Jackson.

(Administrator’s Note:  Nope, don’t think so!  Justin is just really popular compared to other artists and he does have talent. I like him as a person, but just let him do his own thing and stop comparing him to Michael.  I do wish him well in his career. Thank you. Now continuing on with the thread…………..Cutie Pie. ♥

Check out Justin Bieber in his third video teaser for Boyfriend below.

First Teaser From ‘Boyfriend’

Second Teaser From ‘Boyfriend’


One thought on “Justin Bieber Shows Love For Michael Jackson In “Boyfriend” Video From Upcoming Album “Believe”

  1. I cant beleive Justin Bieber’s name is even in the same sentence as Michael Jackson!!! He is not and never will be the same stature of our beloved “Michael Jackson”. Michael Jackson is in a class that only Michael had!!! I wish Justin Beiber would just try to be who he is,and stop comparing himself to “Michael Jacksn”. “Michael Jackson” is one of a kind!!!

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