My Valentine Poem For Michael

To Michael: My Funny Valentine….

“Once upon a time it happened to me…
A fantasy, a dream come true.
It was the day I fell in love with you.”  Anonymous

“I could take you in my arms and never let go” ~ Selena

“Even though we may not be together now, our hearts are with each other forever.” – Sasah Othman

“I desire you more than food or drink, my body, my senses, my mind, hunger for your taste. I can sense your presence in my heart, although you belong to all the world…..” Rumi

My Desire 



Through time and distance of space, I know you

Though I have searched this earth and never found you, yet I know you

This longing in my heart has never been quenched, I hunger for you

No earthly pleasures or distractions can fulfill me, I desire you

I have often felt empty, never quite knowing why

You were too far to reach, a million miles away

Yet something tells me that your love was there all along

I can feel your presence, I get joy when I hear the mention of your name

For we were meant to be, come unto me, my truest love

We are separated physically, but yet sacredly bound,

I feel your love burning inside of me,

I yearn to touch you, to hold you, to know you, to break free

It is only when I look at you through eyes of love

That I feel such peace inside, I trust you.

You are my destiny, my soul mate, my everlasting love, I am connected to you

No other man can quench my need for you

Or satisfy the hunger that burns within, I crave you

Let me lay in the sweet respite of your arms, I love you

Secretly, our declaration of promise is sealed, I am committed to you

You are my silent passion which burns brightly within, all day and into the night.

I will forever crave your love, your warmth; it lifts me higher

Oh, gentle lover of my heart, you will always be my eternal desire.

At a lost for words, Michael? Don’t be, it’s all for love………and I love you. ♥

♥ Happy Valentines Day!

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