Pop Dolls: 20 Musicians Immortalized In Plastic

Source: Billboard

From new favorites like Cody Simpson & Jackie Evancho to classic superstars like Michael Jackson and Cher… yup, there’s a doll for them.

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First Row: *Michael Jackson – 2010, Justin Bieber – 2011, Beyonce – 2005

Second Row: Jackie Evancho – 2011, Madonna – 2008, Cody Simpson – 2011

Third Row: Barbara Streisand -2009, Shakira, 2002, MC Hammer 1991

Fourth Row: Kylie Minogue – 2003, Katy Perry – 2008, Gwen Stefani – 2006

Fifth Row: Elvis and Priscilla – 2008, Diana Ross – 2003, Debbie Harry – 2010

Sixth Row: Cyndi Lauper – 2010,  Cher 2007, Brittany Spears – 1999

Seventh Row: The Beatles Russian Nesting Dolls, Taylor Swift – 2010


I love dolls and I especially love collecting Michael dolls and figurines. I added some more to the list because the article above only mentions one. There are too many MJ dolls and figurines to list them all so I only picked a few so you can see the different variety of dolls.

* In 1984 there were four Michael Jackson, Superstar of the 80s dolls issued. 


Beat It

The Grammy Awards

American Music Awards


Beat It -2010 (Has movable parts)

Billie Jean – 2010

Black or White (Some versions of this doll can sing)

Lujex – Billie Jean

Hot Toys – 10th Anniversary ‘Beat It'(Has movable and interchangeable parts)

Hot Toys – Bad/Dirty Diana (Has movable and interchangeable parts)

Hot Toys – Thriller (Has movable and interchangeable parts)

Lujex(TM) Best Moment of Michael Jackson 5 Pcs Figure Classic Dance Moves Box Set

Thriller Version (Looks Like Billie Jean To Me LOL!)

Odash – Bobblehead Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Russian Nesting Dolls – 5 pcs.

King of Pop Vinyl Figure Michael Jackson “Thriller” (Zombie Version)

King of Pop Vinyl Figure Michael Jackson “Bad”

Michael Jackson Bad Pre-Painted Resin Figure

Sideshow Collectibles – Michael Jackson Bad

MJ Kid Resin Doll Beat It

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