This Is What The VMA Red Carpet Looked Like In 1995

Sources: MTV | All Things Michael

Michael Jackson


Not only did the King of Pop arrive to the ’95 VMAs in a decked-out patent leather jacket, skinny jeans and gold leg armor ensemb’, but this was the year he performed a 15-minute medley of his hits “Beat It,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Black or White” and “Smooth Criminal.” Whewwww, whatta show.

Janet Jackson


Janet–who won a Best Dance Video Moonman for her video “Scream” with Michael–wore a crop top with “Pervert” written across the back paired with wide-leg trousers and a perfectly-messy pixie. This year, Nicki Minaj also wore a “Pervert” tee in her “Feeling Myself” vid with Beyonce—Janet’s impact, y’all.

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston


The couple decided to match in trenches and even went for the typical prom pose for this picture.


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Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello ‘Burst Into Tears’ While Visiting Michael Jackson’s Childhood Home

Sources: Billboard – By Ashely Lasimone | All Things Michael


On a day off between scheduled concerts in Milwaukee and Buffalo, N.Y., Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello had the opportunity to tour the Gary, Ind., home in which Michael Jackson was raised. According to a series of tweets from Cabello, the experience deeply moved the singer — and it led to her writing words of encouragement to her two million Twitter followers.

Jackson’s childhood home is a small two-bedroom house where he lived with his parents and siblings before finding success with the Jackson 5 and as a solo artist.

“Needless to say I burst into tears,” she revealed of her visit to the King of Pop’s original home, before posting a set of inspired tweets telling fans that “you can be who you want to be if you work hard enough.”

Cabello — who was born in Cuba before moving to the U.S. and eventually making it onto The X Factor, where Fifth Harmony was formed — said that she can relate to kids who “don’t think they have a real shot at their dreams because of the circumstances.”

“I thought I didn’t have a shot — no money, no connections, no hope, nothing,” she wrote.

See Cabello’s full message below, as well as tweets from Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke Hernandez, who said “it was one of the most surreal, chilling & beautiful experiences.”


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The Spirit Of Michael Jackson Comes To The Ridgefield Playhouse

Sources: Ridgefield Playhouse | All Things Michael


The Spirit of Michael- Sun, 09/27/2015 – 8:00pm, Tickets: $47.50, Pepsi Rock Series
Powered by xfinity

A stunning multi-media tribute to the “King of Pop’s” life and legacy!  Lasers, large screen video projection and 50,000 watts of awesome sound will take fans of all ages on a journey that captures the essence of Jackson’s worldwide concert appearances.

Experience some of the most memorable moments in entertainment – the moonwalk, his famed 1995 MTV Music Awards performance, the Thriller premier complimented by a dance troupe performing Jackson’s choreography.   Spanning his forty-year career, this show  takes the audience on a visual journey that captures the essence of Michael Jackson’s worldwide concert appearances, his most recent achievements, and his early years as a child prodigy.

Visit Fifty Coins (426 Main St) for dinner the night of the show and enjoy a complimentary glass of house wine with your entree when you show your ticket! VIP Party Pass available! Includes priority parking and open bar from 6:30 – 7:15pm! Available for $25 by calling box office (203) 438-5795!!

For Tickets, visit Ridgefieid Playhouse

Australian Teen Remakes Thriller


Fourteen year old rising YouTube star, Ky Baldwin has created his own remake of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Ky has covered many popular hits, including several by his idol Michael Jackson.

Baldwin was born in Australia in April 2001. Ky began his career as a dancer and it wasn’t until he reached 10-years-old that he started his first singing lessons. His teacher had him singing Michael Jackson who quickly became his biggest influence.

He released his first EP, “The Beginning”, in 2014 and the music video for his first original single, “You Make Me Wanna Dance can be watched on his You Tube channel, along with several covers and exclusive content.

In 2011, Ky was a semi finalist on Australia’s Got Talent with his tap dancing abilities and he participated on The Voice Kids in 2014.

Ky has performed in several musicals, such as “Love Never Dies”, “Under Milk Wood” and “Mary Poppins”, and has done TV commercials and films.

Ky enjoys singing, dancing, playing guitar, piano, drums and dabbling in the art of songwriting. He spends a lot of his time street performing in Sydney, planning, filming and editing his You Tube videos with the support of family and friends. He calls his guitar his best friend and likes composing music that gives him a buzz.

With his success, Ky has had his struggles as well:

“I am physically very small with a high voice so get a bit of negativity about that and sometimes it is hard to be taken very seriously but it doesn’t bother me at all. I think it’s kind of silly that people judge a person on that and I actually quite like it.

I have had girls as young as 8 tell me they hate me when of course they don’t know me. I have been told I’m gay because my voice hasn’t dropped yet. It’s water off a ducks back to me, it actually just highlights their character, but I can’t help but think that this bullying online is becoming so common place that it has to leak out into the real world. I have girls all the time contact me that they are bullied and it’s so sad. I’d love us all to stop and think – is that really the person you want to be.”

Ky offers the following advice to young people who have big dreams:

“My first advice is what my mum instills in myself and my sister often. Character first – talent second. The second is no good to the world if the first is not achieved. The second thing is work hard and be confident and enjoy the journey. The third thing which is equally as important is to get the right people to teach you and to be around you and never stop learning.”

You can find out more about Ky on his official website.

Behind the Scenes Michael Jackson’s Thriller cover

Thriller By Ky Baldwin

Sources: All Things Michael| Ky Baldwin | Touchlight Talent

Get Your First Look at Lifetime’s The Jacksons: Next Generation

Sources: ET Online – By Raphael Chestang | All Things Michael

Fullscreen capture 8222015 93010 AM

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a part of the famous Jackson family, here’s your chance.

Tito Jackson’s three sons TJ, 37, Taj, 42, and Taryll, 40, are opening up their family to reality show cameras for Lifetime’s docuseries The Jacksons: Next Generation, debuting Oct. 2, and ET has a first look.

While their father became famous as part of The Jackson 5 with brothers Michael, Jackie, Marlon and Jermaine, TJ, Taj and Taryll have mostly kept their private lives out of the public eye — until now.

“First it was really hard because we are so private,” Taj told ET. “There’s certain things that you see and then we’re like, ‘No, you can’t show that!’ But then that’s what keeps it real.”

In addition to Tito’s three sons, the late Michael Jackson’s three children Prince, Paris and Blanket will also appear in the series.

“We opened it up to everyone — to whoever wanted to participate,” Taj said. “That was the way we did it because it’s kind of their story as well.”

The show will primarily deal with the professional and personal lives of Taryll, Taj and TJ, who is the legal co-guardian of Prince, Paris and Blanket, as they navigate through the obstacles of being a Jackson while trying to defend their family name and perform with their R&B group 3T, whose debut album, 1995’sBrotherhood, went triple platinum.

Note: The video below does work, click to view.


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Artist Completes 12ft Tall Portrait Of Michael Jackson With 1,680 Soda Cans

Sources: PRLog | All Things Michael

Fullscreen capture 8222015 90708 AM

LOS ANGELESAug. 21, 2015PRLog — Aug 18, 2015

Los Angeles artist Seaton Brown recently completed a commissioned 12ft tall portrait of Michael Jackson made from 1,680 unpainted soda-pop cans entitled “A Tribute to the King of Pop V2.”

The 144sqft piece was unveiled in an impromptu, guerrilla-style street-art showing on the corner of Hollywood and Highland at midday about 2 weeks ago, where the artist and his team erected the megalith on the sidewalk. Onlookers blocked traffic to get a photo of the piece, which could be seen from a block away at the El Capitan theater.

This is the second such work Brown has done in addition to similar pieces, such as a 6ft tall portrait of Pamela Anderson made from candy and candy wrappers entitled “Eye Candy” – which was ultimately eaten by rats (a fitting end to the piece and the commentary the artist was making).

The “King of Pop V2” was crated and shipped across country where it will be placed in one of the Ripley’s Entertainment museums, as yet to be determined.

A short video of the creation of the piece and it’s unveiling on Hollywood Blvd. can be seen below:

Seaton Brown’s website:

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Dancers, Singers, Fans And Family Tribute Michael Jackson In Gary For Charity Event

Sources: Chicago Tribune – By Michelle Quinn | All Things Michael

Fullscreen capture 8222015 90014 AM

Surrounded by several friends and members of her family, Jackson matriarch Katherine Jackson held court Friday in the Genesis Center.

In Gary to celebrate the life of her youngest son, the late Michael Jackson, with the sixth annual Michael Jackson I Can’t Stop Loving You charity event, she watched with interest as dancers emulated every step of his best-known routines. The event — also a school-supply giveaway for Gary students — kicks off a weekend devoted to Gary’s most famous native son a week before what would have been his 57th birthday.

Vanessa Pereira, Jasmina Maamesi and Jenny Fulimani, of the Malibu Fan Club from Germany, didn’t sleep a wink upon arrival in the states Thursday. On Friday morning, the trio saw the house in which the Jacksons lived on Jackson Street and couldn’t get over how small it is.

“It’s crazy to see where it all began,” Fulimani said. “How did they all manage?”

Maamesi said she first fell in love with Jackson, the King of Pop, in 1992 during the “Dangerous” tour. She was 12.

“He gave away all his money from that tour and the HIStory tour. That’s really impressive,” she said.

Also traveling a ways was Girl, a Los Angeles-based dance quartet comprised of Morgan Gordy, Leeyah Porter, Maariyah El-Shabazz and Aliah Woodson. The young women were scheduled to go on at 5 p.m. and planned to perform to Jackson’s “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” and “Earth Song” and “Red Bottoms,” an original song by them.

The performance was especially important for the women because they said they were invited by Katherine Jackson.

“She saw us and fell in love with our voices, so she asked us to come out here,” Woodson said. “This is the best opportunity to perform for her and the family. We’re nervous, but we’re more excited and anxious to get up there.”

“He’s one of our all-time favorite singers,” Gordy added.

Johnny Rucker, a member of the Gary Youth Council, worked behind the scenes with the production crew. It was the second time he’s gotten to participate.

“Seeing all these people here from around the country and the world goes to show how loved Michael was. People really idolize him,” Rucker said.

Marvin King and Daniel “Danny J” Sutton, who perform in Atlanta under the moniker Mannish Mania, love coming back to celebrate their hero as well.

“He always gave us hope, that even if you were from Gary, you could make it,” King said.


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One Night Only: STK Restaurants To Honor Michael Jackson’s Birthday #STKXMJ

Sources: STK | Guest of Guest | All Things Michael

Screen Captures11

On Saturday, August 29, 2015, STK Restaurants nationwide will be celebrating the birthday of the incomparable Michael Jackson.

For one night only, STK Washington D.C. will be throwing down with a birthday bash fit for the King of Pop with an all-out dinner event scored by unforgettable sound of Michael Jackson. Guaranteed to be a bone fide Bad to the bone tribute to the man behind the moonwalk, STK Washington D.C. will feature Chef’s selection of MJ-inspired dishes as well as a host of specialty cocktails and “Thriller Shots” for all of D.C’s P.Y.Ts.

STK Washington D.C. will also feature a very special live DJ set that will include the hottest hits of MJ’s entire illustrious career. From his early years with The Jackson 5, through his exceptional solo career, and even his posthumous single “Love Never Felt So Good” completed with the help of Justin Timberlake, STK’s One Night Only promises to be a joyous celebration of what would have been the pop legend’s 57th birthday. So come and remember the time when Michael Jackson rules the pop charts and moonwalk out the summer of 2015 at STK Washington D.C. #STKxMJ Book your reservation with STK Washington D.C. now and secure your seat for STK’s annual treat! Call 202-296-1880.

See the STK event pages for the following cities: London, Miami, New York, Washington, DC 


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