Watch Michael Jackson Get Emotional While Honoring James Brown At The 2003 BET Awards

Sources: BET – By John Kennedy | All Things Michael


Let’s take a spin in a time capsule. Coordinates: June 24, 2003. Los Angeles’s Kodak Theater. Behold. The Godfather of Soul. The King of Pop. Together. One stage. One cape.

When Michael Jackson busted a move alongside James Brown under Black culture’s brightest spotlights, draping him in a shimmering cape, it was a monumental moment of peak blackness. Jay Z and Kanye West’s “Throne” is a mere potty seat compared to this tag team.

Together, the two music icons stood, MJ gushing over JB before presenting him with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Picture the biggest superstar this planet has ever seen getting emo over the mere presence of another.

“I couldn’t refuse to give this award tonight because nobody has influenced me more than this man right here,” Mike said tearfully, giving the impression that he might’ve clammed up if not for the prepared speech inscribed on the paper in his hand. “Since I was a child at six years old, he was the one that I looked up to more than any other entertainer, and I still do today.”

On the sixth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, and days before the 2015 BET Awards, take a look back at one of entertainment’s greatest television moments. Ever. There will never be another pair of guys like these.


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How Michael Jackson Inspired One of the Original YouTube Memes

Sources: Gizmodo – By Adam Clark Estes | All Things Michael


An incredible thing happened on July 17, 2007. A video of several hundred inmates wearing orange jumpsuits and performing an immaculately choreographed dance to Thriller appeared on a small website called YouTube. Two years later, Michael Jackson was dead, and YouTube had changed history.

You might argue that Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance did for YouTube what his originalThriller music video did for MTV.

The video of inmates reenacting the original dance in a Phillippine prison was not only one of the early viral successes of YouTube. It was also one of the first times that a viral video became a meme with dozens of copycats uploading videos of similar performances from all over the world. Early adopters, of course, were college kids. Within a few months, the Thriller dance meme combined with the flash mob theme:

Suddenly, MJ’s jam from the early 80s was cheering people up all over the world, all over again. Michael Jackson died exactly six years ago today, but what’s remarkable is that the meme lives on. Two years after his death came this Thriller dance tribute in LEGO:

The Thriller dance has also become a mainstay at weddings. One could even argue that the Filipino prisoner Thriller dance was inspired by a grainy wedding clip from 2006, but it’s hard to say if prisoners in the Phillippines had access to high speed internet back in those dark ages before widespread wifi. Now, it’s self-evident that the meme is still being reenacted and reinvisioned. As with any meme, you know it’s hit mainstream when it’s being used as marketing materials. Case-in-point: the Thriller dance in a viral video from the Denver International Airport.

What’s inevitably remarkable about this little internet history factoid is the simple fact that it’s pure MJ. It’s a perfect encapsulation about how his music brought people together from all corners of the globe, from all cultures, and from every ethnicity. It’s fun to dance to!

I’d been living in New York City for less than a month when Michael Jackson died. That night, my friends and I wanted to pay our respects the best way that we could. We wanted to boogie. And apparently the entire city had the same plan. Wherever you went—in bars, in clubs, on the streets, in taxicabs—Michael Jackson’s songs were playing, and people were dancing. Everyone was so happy.

So today, on the anniversary of his death, let’s remember how Michael Jackson’s music inspires the best in us. It can make anyone from prisoners to minifigs dance. It can inspire an internet meme. It’s inspired a generation of memes. And for reasons like that, Michael Jackson will remain, in his own way, immortal.

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Michael Jackson Is Remembered and Loved Six Years Later

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Michael Jackson is Remembered and Loved Six Years Later

Although it’s hard to believe it’s been six years, it’s soothing, heart breaking and life affirming all at once to see how the love for Michael Jackson is as present as it was on the day we lost him. As Michael once said, “My fans truly are a part of me. We share something that most people will never experience.” After his death, we continue to share our passion and love for Michael with each other.
 © hannah kozak My Three Michael Jackson dolls.

Every year on the anniversary of his death I make my way to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California, and walk slowly amidst a sea of love of homemade cards, stuffed animals,drawings, paintings, sunflowers, roses and handmade books from all over the globe. I see these offerings as proof. Proof there is love in every corner of the world from…

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Thriller Live Launches UK Tour In October – Will Take Part In Kid’s Week

Sources: What’s On Stage | All Things Michael


Michael Jackson tribute show Thriller Live has announced a UK tour and changes to the West End production.

The show, which premiered in 2009 shortly before Jackson’s death, is a concert tribute to the King of Pop and includes many of his best-known hits.

From October, a new opening to the show is being created and four new Michael Jackson songs – “Who’s Loving You”, “Rockin’ Robin”, “Remember The Time” and “Human Nature” – are being added.

Gary Lloyd, Thriller Live‘s director and choreographer, said: “Unlike all other West End musicals, Thriller Live‘s music, choreography and costumes have been changed several times, but over the next few months we will be making a host of changes at once.

“We are introducing lots of new production elements, new video film sequences and some rather special visual effects to ensure the show looks stunning and to keep it up to date.”

Thriller Live is taking part in this year’s Kids Week, our annual initiative offering a free child’s ticket for every full priced ticket purchased for performances in August. You can book tickets for the kids go free offer through the Kids Week website. Alternatively, for a child-free trip to the theater or for performances after the new changes have been made, you can book tickets through the Official London Theatre.

A UK tour of the show is launching in October as follows:

Blackpool Grand Theatre, 5 – 10 October
Leicester De Montfort Hall, 12 – 17 October
Aylesbury Waterside Theatre 19 – 24 October
Hull New Theatre, 26 – 31 October
Portsmouth Guildhall, 27 – 31 December
Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, 12 – 17 January 2015
Manchester Opera House, 18 – 23 January
Sunderland Empire, Monday 25 – 30 January
York Grand Opera House 1 – 6 February
Stoke on Trent Regent Theatre, 11 – 13 February
Bristol Hippodrome, 15 – 20 February
Southend Cliff’s Pavilion, 22 – 27 February
Darlington Civic Theatre, 29 February – 5 March
Birmingham Alexandra Theatre, 7 – 12 March
Oxford New Theatre, 14 – 19 March
Edinburgh Festival Theatre, 21 – 26 March


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Remember The Time Michael Jackson Shopped At Palm Beach Mall?

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On the sixth anniversary of Michael Jackson‘s death at the age of 50, we remember the time the King of Pop donned a Spider Man mask and shopped for Hot Wheels and sweatpants at the defunct Palm Beach Mall (the county’s first mall stood where Palm Beach Outlets are now, kids).

His mall-crawl companion? Chris Tucker.

michael jackson Undated photo of Michael Jackson (File photo/The Palm Beach Post).

From a 2003 Thom Smith column that ran in “The Palm Beach Post:”

Rumors are flying that Michael Jackson has bought a home in Manalapan, but Palm Beach real-estate experts doubt that the pop star can come up with enough cash –$20 million to $40 million. Still, he was throwing around plenty of small bills Thursday and Saturday as he and Chris Tucker shopped at the Palm Beach Mall and The Gardens Mall.

“It got really crazy in here Thursday. He grabbed my arm and said, ‘Help me,'” said Dave…

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Watch A Mumbai Artist’s Beautiful Tribute To Michael Jackson

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In honor of the 6th anniversary of Michael Jacksons death, a Mumbai artist named Rob decided to use his city as part of the canvas for a unique tribute to the legendary artist.

Working on his painting on the back of a truck, he rides through the city (with Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good” as the soundtrack) recreating the iconicXscape cover over the course of a day — at the end, it’s illuminated by the sunset and the city’s lights.

Watch below:

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Six Years After Michael Jackson’s Death, Gary’s Jackson Street On Upswing

Sources: Chicago Tribune – By Christin Lance| All Things Michael


Thursday marks six years since the unexpected death of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, whose infectious music and polarizing fame reverberated across the globe.

But before he became famous as the pint-sized frontman of the Jackson 5, he was the third youngest of nine Jackson children raised in a small, two-bedroom, white frame house at 2300 Jackson Street in Gary.

“I just wonder how did they fit all of those kids in there,” said Fredericksburg, Va., resident Caterah Mayfield, who was visiting Tuesday with her mom, sister and cousin.

Mayfield’s mom, Courtney Parker, said Jackson’s death — of cardiac arrest at age 50 — is still shocking.

“I can’t believe he’s gone,” Parker said. “It was just like Whitney (Houston); they’re gone too soon.”

The house has become a draw for Jackson’s fans, who flock to it to leave flowers and teddy bears around the anniversary of his death or to write a message on the One Way sign at the corner. In 2009, thousands of fans paying tribute trampled the grass, but since installing a granite monument to Jackson in the front yard, it has been fenced off, and beautiful flowers are in bloom every summer.

The family is helping to revitalize the neighborhood by purchasing and renovating the house next door to 2300 Jackson and another home across the street, said Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson. The house next door is now a small museum/gift shop that the family is expected to open soon.

They’ve supported the Jackson Street of Dreams project that has rehabilitated two homes and rebuilt another house in the 2300 and 2400 blocks of Jackson Street. The project is being led by the Fuller Center for Housing in Gary, with assistance from the city, the Indiana Department of Correction, NIPSCO, Centier Bank and others. The Fuller Center has a goal of rebuilding eight additional homes in the neighborhood in 2016, but they are currently working to secure the necessary funds.

“We are exploring the next steps to see who may be willing to fund rehabbing some other homes,” Freeman-Wilson said.

Robin Copeland, who lives in the neighborhood, said it’s fun to chat with visitors and take pictures for them. She’s hopeful that the Street of Dreams project will help the neighborhood thrive.

“It’ll be a good thing for Gary and it will help the neighborhood look way better,” Copeland said.

But beyond the house and an annual Michael Jackson festival in August, there aren’t many signs marking Jackson’s impact around the city.

Even before Jackson’s death, there was talk about the city having a museum or performing arts center to memorialize arguably its most famous son. Jackson mentioned the performing arts center idea when he last visited Gary in 2003, but talks stalled when he was charged with child molestation soon afterward in California.

Jackson’s father, Joe, was in talks with developers about a possible museum and hotel near Grant Street and the Borman Expressway. But those plans never went much of anywhere either.

Freeman-Wilson said the city hasn’t been actively involved about bringing a Michael Jackson museum to Gary because “that’s not a project the city can undertake.” But a private entity did speak to her a few years ago about a Jackson-related project, she said.

“But whenever we would ask, ‘What’s the involvement of the Jackson family?’ nobody seemed to know the answer,” Freeman-Wilson said. “By that time I had developed a rapport with Mrs. (Katherine) Jackson, and I found that the family hadn’t been consulted, so I knew not to take these people seriously.”


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“Michael Jackson lives on in the hearts of millions, not just for his unmatched talent and artistry but for his optimistic spirit of kindness, warmth and caring that is sorely missed today. In a world numbed by senseless acts of violence, hatred and needless suffering, we remember and honor Michael’s optimistic passion in spreading universal messages of peace, unity, healing and love to every part of the earth during the all-too brief time he was with us.

On this day, our thoughts and prayers are especially with Michael’s children and loved ones as we honor his legacy of compassion and determination that all of us can make a better world without hurt, fear and sorrow.” – The Estate of Michael Jackson

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