Tribute To Charlie Chaplin – The Composer

Sources: New York Times – By Michael Cooper | Edits and Pictures – By All Things Michael


A century after his Little Tramp character first appeared on screen, Charlie Chaplin is remembered for many things: as the derby battled, mustachioed comic symbol of the silent screen; as one of the first true international superstars, as an actor, writer and director who helped elevate film to a respected art form even as he enjoyed enormous popular success.

But it is another, often overlooked aspect of Chaplin’s creative output that will be explored this weekend in New York; his work as a composer.

Chaplin, who was reared in English music halls and played several instruments by ear but could not read music, composed the music for his films, beginning with “City Lights” (1931), relying on musical assistants to help him translate his ideas into scores and soundtracks.  Music played an especially outsize role in his first sound features, which were essentially silent films set to music, and he and his collaborators later won an Oscar for the score of “Limelight.”


The New York Philharmonic will play Chaplin’s score for “Modern Times,” his 1936 satire on mass production, on Friday and Saturday, while the film is screened in Avery Fisher Hall, the ensemble’s latest foray into the kind of cinema Karaoke that many that many orchestras have embraced in recent years to try to draw new, more visually oriented audiences to concerts.

And Chaplin, who conceived “Modern Times” in part as a comic commentary on the dehumanizing aspects of a mechanized, industrial world, might have appreciated the path his film music took to 21st-century live performances.


Timothy Brock, who will conduct the Philharmonic’s performances, restored the score in 2000, doing painstaking research to transform a recording into something real people could play on real instruments.

Mr. Brock, a composer and specialist in silent-film music, was asked by Chaplin’s heirs to reconstruct the score of “Modern Times,” which contains some of the most familiar music Chaplin ever wrote. Its love theme was later given lyrics and became the popular song “Smile,” which has been performed by singer including Nat King Cole and Michael Jackson



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Former Nurse Recreates Famous Artworks Using Unwanted Junk

Sources: Daily Mail | All Things Michael


British artist Jane Perkins, a self-described ‘re-maker,’ uses discarded plastic objects to re-create iconic portraits, including those of the Mona Lisa, Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein and the Royal Family.

‘I use anything of the right size, shape or color,’ the full-time mother, artist and former nurse, based in Exeter, Devon, writes on her website. ‘Toys, shells, buttons, beads, jewelry, curtain hooks and springs, etc.’

Ms Perkins browses charity shops and yard sales tirelessly to find objects which will fit into her work, much like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, and none of the items are painted to alter their color. ‘Everything is used exactly ‘as found,’ she maintains.

Ms Perkins, whose current body of work is called Plastic Classics, started making her portraits eight years ago, after 17 years of working as a nurse and then ten years as a stay-at-home mom.

She took on a degree in Textiles, started collecting objects to use in her work, and since then has enjoyed a highly successful career in her chosen field. Her portraits have so far appeared in 45 exhibitions in locations from London and Brussels to Hong Kong and Singapore.

The original portraits sell for between £2000 – £2600 ($3270-4250), and limited edition prints are available from £95-195 ($150-320).

‘I enjoy using materials which have a history, and love art with an element of fun and the unexpected,’ she writes.

1411065631562_wps_4_kiss_me_kate_JPG_MUST_LIN 1411065974520_wps_29_Jubilee_Queen_MUST_LINK_T 1411065989545_wps_32_88_Shades_of_Grey_MUST_LI 1411066006733_wps_34_Princess_Diana_MUST_LINK_

Ms Perkins sources her materials primarily from charity shops, yard sales and recycling centers, and often gets donations from friends and neighbors.

‘I tend to live with a piece for a while to make sure it works,’ she explains of her process, which takes an average of three weeks per portrait. ‘Usually, I run out of a particular color and have to go out searching in order to finish a piece.’

Ms Perkins uses a glue gun to affix the objects initially, so that she can ‘pull things off’ and move them around.

‘When I’m happy with the final result, I paint the whole work with a layer of diluted PVA glue,’ she writes.


Pictured, Jamaican sprinter and Olympic gold medal winner Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world 


Pictured, a representation of The Afghan Girl, a famous photo taken for National Geographic in 1985 by Steve McCurry and once hailed ‘The First World’s Third World Mona Lisa’


Pictured, a re-make of Vermeer’s Girl With The Pearl Earring, c.1665


I love beginning a new piece. As I find materials, I sort them into individual, color-coordinated carrier bags or boxes for each future work,’ she explains.

‘Starting a new work is a bit frenetic as I rush to find places for the larger, more interesting materials.

‘I get so engrossed when I’m working that I completely lose track of time and cups of tea frequently go cold!’

Speaking of her Mona Lisa re-creation, she explains finding a small plastic doll that was perfect for the mouth. ‘I’ve been looking for a small doll for Mona Lisa’s mouth – went to a car boot sale yesterday, and within five minutes, found exactly what I was looking for,’ she wrote.

‘This is a rare occurrence! Usually, I collect random items and find a use for them later.’


Ms Perkins limits herself to spending £20 (about $32) on each shopping trip, as she has a tendency to get ‘carried away.’

‘Re-interpreting work by previous artists is nothing new,’ she writes. ‘Centuries ago, artists learned their craft by re-working paintings by their predecessors. Picasso famously copied works by many artists.

‘And Da Vinci’s iconic Mona Lisa has been re-worked many times by artists including Marcel Duchamp, who gave her a beard.’


Pictured, a portrait of British TV personality Chris Evans


Pictured, a rendition of Vincent Van Gogh’s 1888 Impressionist painting, Sunflowers


Pictured, a do-over of Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt’s 1908 painting, The Kiss


This recreation of Italian painter Sano di Pietro’s Angel of the Annunciation, c.1470, uses toy soldiers and a Barbie crown atop the angel’s head


Mellow Lego: Dinosaurs, monkeys, shells and a plastic key make appearances in this rendition of Van Gogh’s 1889 painting, Starry Night


Masterful: Look closely and, among many beads and buttons, you’ll find part of a Nokia phone cover, pieces of Lego, a Shrek figurine, an alligator and a plastic fish. Pictured, a textural re-working of Impressionist painter Claude Monet’s The Japanese Bridge


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The Rock And Pop Museum’s Michael Jackson Exhibition Is Extended

Sources: Edited and Translated By – All Things Michael | WN


Gronau – In recent months, many fans of the King of Pop came to rock’n’pop museum. In addition to the interested museum visitors traveled all fan clubs with buses and even went costumes through the exhibition. To give the fans and music lovers a little longer time to get an insight into the life of Michael Jackson, the popular exhibition will be extended by four weeks. Thus, it only ends on 19 October.


Get to see the visitors an extract from the “Dittmar Collection”, the private collection of Chris Dittmar Julian, one of the largest and most valuable Michael Jackson collections worldwide. Hundreds of exhibits, the collector from his possession compiled., With the aim to bring visitors to both the private individual as well as the Mega Star closer, who held the world breathless for decades.

1799176_1416730941942085_7468422649560292797_o 10257116_1416731085275404_6725306315572389929_o 10329731_1416040555344457_7963697120575128170_o The book “Michael Jackson Memorabilia – The Dittmar Collection” was released on June 24th, 2014. It shows a selection of amazing memorabilia from the life and career of the King Of Pop. It has 80 pages with unreleased pictures of items like owned and worn clothes by Michael Jackson, RIAA Awards presented to MJ, Busts and Lifesize Figures, Tour Tickets from all around the world etc. . You can buy the new book here for 14,95 EURO + 4,95 shipping costs:

Among the items on exhibit include garments of the singer, including an original Billie Jean jacket that he wore in Pensacola during rehearsals for his “BAD World Tour” in 1988, also a worn and signed by the artist shoe. Another eye-catching are several original awards, such as: a Platinum Award, the Michael Jackson was sold for 7 million records, CDs and cassettes of the album “Dangerous” presented. The skurrileren exhibits include an original invitation to the private funeral and burial of Michael Jackson, which was held in Glendale on September 3, 2009 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.



Video clips and audio round off the varied appearance of the exhibition. About audio guide, the visitor receives detailed information about the objects that are a little lift the self-imposed veil of legend.



Web To Watch: 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Sources: USA Today – By Daniel Hurwitz | All Things Michael


This week we have Bryan Cranston’s Bugs Bunny-inspired one-man show, a lost interview with Michael Jackson and the new music video from the guys behind the viral hit What Does the Fox Say? Take a break from whatever you are doing and watch the five best videos of the week.

Michael Jackson on Godliness

The King of Pop gets animated in the latest installment of the Blank on Blank interview series. Watch as Michael Jackson answers questions alongside his 13-year old sister Janet in an animated version of a 1980 interview with journalist John Pidgeon.

Bryan Cranston Performs One-Man MLB on TBS Postseason Show

Bryan Cranston has found his true calling: a one-man show about baseball inspired by Bugs Bunny. The Emmy-award winning actor dramatizes the baseball playoffs in a mockumentary commercial for TBS.

35 Jobs That No Longer Exist

If your dream was to become a “knocker upper” aka a human alarm clock, you should probably start seeking alternate employment. Elliott Morgan describes 35 job options that no longer exist.

Rush Hour

Fernando Livschitz’s mesmerizing short film will make your commute seem stress-free. He uses rotoscoping to create a nightmarish intersection.

Ylvis – Trucker’s Hitch

The guys behind What Does the Fox Say? have moved on from animal noises to knot-tying Their latest music video is all about the Michael Jordan of knots, the trucker’s hitch.

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Jennifer Hudson Talks About Her Dream Role Playing Aretha Franklin and Why She’s Not Her Son’s Favorite Singer (Guess Who Is?)

Sources: Billboard – By Chuck Arnold | All Thing Michael


Since her star-making turn as Effie in 2006’s Dreamgirls, which took her fromAmerican Idol also-ran to Academy Award winner, Jennifer Hudson has left no doubt that she could crush a big ballad. Now on her third album, JHUD (Sept. 23, RCA), the singer-actress flips the script, hitting the dance floor with beats by Pharrell (who produced three tracks) and assists from R. Kelly, Iggy Azaleaand T.I. As she gets her new groove on, the Chicago native, 33, dishes on her dream role, going gospel and being sick of singing that song.

You worked with Pharrell on JHUD. How did he connect with you as a producer?

I worked with Pharrell for my first album [2008's Jennifer Hudson], although we didn’t end up having anything make that album, but we already had a rapport from back then. I was so excited to work with him again. Where we connect is we both have a love of old-school music. He’ll come in with a track and then I’m like, “I already know where I’m going with this. I feel you.”

Now that your music is more dance-driven, are you working on your moves?

I got one or two! I’m still working on it. It’s been fun. The only times I’ve really ever danced [with choreography] were when I worked on a cruise ship and then when I did Dreamgirls. And I didn’t miss a step!

JHud is a nickname that people have been using for you for a while. Did you always like it?

From the beginning. The first time I heard of it was when I was on American Idol, and apparently a radio DJ in Chicago gave me this nickname. Ever since everybody’s been calling me JHud. No one calls me Jennifer Hudson anymore. I grew up being called Jenny Kate, so this is like the world’s version of Jenny Kate.

JHud also takes a page from J.Lo. Do you have a favorite J.Lo song?

Oh my god, yes! “Jenny from the Block.”

Would you ever consider being an American Idol judge like Jennifer Lopez?

No, there can only be one Jenny on the block. [Laughs.]

Your signature song is of course “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” Do you ever get sick of singing it?

You hit the nail on the head! But I’m grateful for it. I would never have guessed that I would still be walking around singing this one song. I will go through a whole 50-minute set and ain’t nobody paying me no attention, but as soon as I sing “And I Am Telling You,” it’s like, “Really, that’s all y’all want?” I will be singing “And I Am Telling You” for the rest of my days.

You have one of the best voices in the game right now. Who are some of your favorite singers, past and present?

Obviously I love the Aretha Franklins and the Whitney Houstons. I like voices with depth and range, like this [gospel] artist named Jessica Reedy. I also loveMeghan Trainor and Ariana Grande. And one of my favorite artists of today is Mali Music. He actually sang for my birthday [on Sept. 12].

Now that your son David is 5 and can appreciate your music more, what does he think about it?

Well, he told me I’m his second-favorite singer. Michael Jackson is first — and then mommy. He’s always around the house making little videos of himself doing Michael Jackson moves. I was telling him recently that, “You know, you were in my tummy when I sang at his memorial.” And he was like, “Really? Wow!”

ennifer Hudson pictured with fiance David Otunga Sr. and their son David at her Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Jennifer Hudson pictured with fiancé  David Otunga Sr. and their son David, pose at her induction ceremony on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2013

There was some talk that you might play Aretha Franklin in a movie. Is that still a possibility?

Well, apparently they’re still figuring that out, but that is my dream role. I would love it. I feel the same way I felt about Dreamgirls. I’m ready, honey!

After JHUD, what other kinds of music projects do you see in your future?

I want my next album to be a live album, like an old Aretha performance where she sat at the piano and played. I love moments like that. Then eventually I want to do opera because I sing opera as well. But my ultimate goal is to do the ultimate gospel album.

An edited version of this story orginally appeared in the Sept. 27 issue of Billboard.


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Michael Jackson “Thriller” Events And Things To Do For October 2014 (Updated 9-23-14)

This post Will Be Updated With 
Events Until The End Of October.

Thrill The World


Did you ever want to dress up as a zombie and dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”? Did you ever think it would be fun to be listed in a world record? Well get ready because THRILL DAY IS OCTOBER 25, 2014 @10pm GMT!!!

Thrill The World is an annual worldwide simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Volunteer event organizers in cities around the world organize events using the Thrill The World Manual, Workbook and Thrill The World Tool Box.

Anyone can organize an event! No age requirement or experience necessary! And there is no limit to the number of events in each city!

Each event has the option to raise money for a not-for-profit charity of their choice.

All official Thrill The World events that submit their information on time are included in the numbers for setting and breaking world records.

Click here to read more and find a group near you!!!!!


Have A ‘Thriller’ Of A Night At Wyboston Lakes



‘Don’t Stop til You Get Enough’ of Michael Jackson and his greatest hits as Wyboston Lakes invites you to join us for what is guaranteed to be a spectacular  tribute night this Halloween!

On Friday 31st October relive some of the classics from the King of Pop and some of his worldwide hits such as; Bad, Dirty Diana, Billy Jean and Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ as live tribute act Robin Parsons ‘Forever Jackson’ takes to the stage with his ultimate tribute to the legend that is Michael Jackson.

From 7.30pm you have ‘Got To Be There’ as we serve up a delicious three course plated menu which caters for all, with a vegetarian option also available.

“Robin puts on an energetic and captivating performance as Michael Jackson. He has the moves, the voice and the dancers to produce a fantastic spectacle. It’s a tribute to an iconic artists and a great night out too!”- Paul Rhodes Hotel Manager

The Michael Jackson entertainment is guaranteed to thrill and with a disco to follow until 1.00am, you can dance the night away in true Jackson style. Tickets, which are non-refundable and for over 18s only, are £39.50.

If you don’t want to ‘Beat It’ from Wyboston Lakes take advantage of a special all inclusive overnight package including two tickets for the meal, tribute act, disco and overnight stay in a double ensuite room with breakfast for £74.50 per person (based on two sharing).

To book tickets online visit or call 0333 7007 667 (option 4) to speak with Debbie or Nicola from our events team.

Wyboston Lakes Hotel
Wyboston Lakes
Great North Road
MK44 3AL
0333 7007 667

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2014 Thriller & Halloween Parade



Zombies return to haunt downtown Lexington once again! Get down downtown as we celebrate Halloween by recreating Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking video for “Thriller.” Presented by Lexington Parks & Recreation, Mecca Live Studio and WRFL, the parade will start at the Kentucky Theater and proceed along Main Street ending at Mill Street. The dance will occur repeatedly along the route followed by a Halloween parade. Festivities also include a Halloween variety pre-show and an after party at the Fifth Third Pavilion. In the event of inclement weather, this free event will take place on Monday, Oct. 27.

For those who would like to dance, participation is open to all willing zombies who attend rehearsals to learn the choreography and parade schematics; however, there is a cutoff date for participation. Simply show up during rehearsal times, which are held throughout the month of October at Mecca Live Studio. For participation instructions and a rehearsal schedule, contact Mecca at or 254-9790 and ask to be added to the “Thriller” list for updated information on rehearsals.

ShowImage (1)

Sunday, October 26
(Rain Date: Monday, October 27)
Main Street (Quality Street to Mill Street)

6:30 pm – Dance Showcase (Courthouse Plaza)
8 pm – Halloween and Thriller Parade

For more information click here


In the Studio with MJ – V2 – London, Copenhagen, Franfort

Source: In The Studio With Michael Jackson



Experience Michael Jackson in the recording studio, at the very heart of his creative process. In this incredible multimedia journey, you’ll learn, see and hear things that will astonish you.

You’ll hear music and behind-the-scenes stories. You’ll see video and photographs. You’ll learn how Michael interacted with his team and how they combined focus and discipline with creativity, fun, and food.

Learn how Michael wrote songs, and how they progressed from the original demo to the album version.  Brad will explain and demonstrate how the songs changed and progressed along the way, as they were edited, remixed and restructured for various dance mixes, short films and live tours.

Discover Michael’s vision and exacting standards for the sound and video systems at Neverland Valley Ranch – including his dance studio and personal listening systems – to give his family and guests an incredible experience.

All of this takes place inside an actual recording studio, for a full multi-sensory experience that will leave you feeling as if you were really there.  Each seminar is limited to an intimate group of people, so you can ask questions and share conversation with Brad and other guests.

Saturday, October 25, 2014, 12:00pm – 8:00pm , Cato Studios (map), London, England

Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 4:00pm – 10:00pm, The Village Recording (map)

Saturday, November 1, 2014, 12:00pm – 10:00pm, Venue Location TBD


Wicked Halloween Run

Source: Wicked Halloween Run



  • 2014 Wicked Halloween Run: 10K, 5K Run/Walk, Monster Mile ~ Welcome to our Wicked Halloween Run – a festive race brought to you by the Kona Running Co. Sign up and wear a Costume!  A Halloween-themed annual race event you will not want to miss because you will experience a spooktacular wicked good time!
  • 2014 10K Finisher Medals: 10K event is limited to 2,500 participants
  • 2014 Tech Shirt*:  Leslie Jordan long-sleeve unisex 1/4 zip “Tech Shirt” for entrants; *guaranteed shirt & size if registered by 10/19/14  
  • New Wicked Double: Participate in 10K & 5K; must run in the 1st Start Wave of 10K & receive a Tech Shirt, 10K medal, Double Finisher medal; limited to 500
  • NEW: Shuttle Buses from ACH Plant parking lot (limited to 1,500 cars) MAP to/from Central Middle School; City of Plymouth will be charging $5 per vehicle ($2.50 to city & $2.50 to charity) in their municipal parking lots & structures so use our free bus shuttles
  • NEW 10K Time Qualifier: Participants must run at “18 minutes or less pace per mile” to register for our 10K event
  • Entertainment & Monster Mash Party: Live onstage Dance Performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” by Piazza Dance Co. (choreographer Lindsey Humpert) at start of 10K & 5K; DJ at Kellogg Park; Food & Beverage Buffet & Party in heated Tents at Kellogg Park

Find out more here


Prince and Michael Jackson Experience – 250th Party



Oct 18 at Nectar Lounge in Seattle. Prince and Michael Jackson fans celebrate as DJ Dave Paul from San Francisco mixes music from the two artists and ancillary acts.

Collectively, Prince and Michael Jackson helped define the early-’80s era of MTV, revolutionized both R&B and popular music, and influenced thousands of musicians worldwide. This party pays tribute to two of the greatest artists of our time.

The music is far from the only thing happening at this party, there’s theme dancing, a face-off between guests repping The Purple One or The King of Pop, and much, much more. This is the perfect night out to lounge with your friends, make some new friends, get your drink on, dance your @ss off and have the time of your life.

“For ELEVEN years now, Dave Paul (proprietor of hip-hop label Bomb Records) has hosted and DJ’ed at the brilliant “Prince vs. Michael Jackson” parties. As selections of hits, rarities, and remixes from both artists are presented over the course of the evening, audience members square off in funky battle, holding signs bearing the mug of their favored entertainer to judge which one is the true king of pop. This sure ain’t the place for cynics, but Darling Nikki’s and Dirty Diana’s are all welcome to participate.” – SF WEEKLY


at 9:00pm1:45am in PDT
Oct 18 at 9:00pm to Oct 19 at 1:45am in PDT

Nectar Lounge

412 N 36th St, Seattle, Washington 98103

For more information, click here


2014 Seattle Thrill The World Dance

Source: Seattle Pipeline


The funk of forty thousand years! Seattle will be joining the world on Saturday, October 25, 2014, in a simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Dance. Zombies will march to Lake Union Park at 2:30 p.m. and start dancing at 3. This once a year event is not to be missed.

October 25, 2014
3 p.m. | Free | All Ages
More info: |

Lake Union Park
860 Terry Ave N, Seattle, 98109

Thrill The World is the annual worldwide simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson’s Thrillerfor world record and charity.  November 2013 marked the 31st anniversary of his Thriller video.

Each year in October the Seattle Thrillers join Thriller groups in other nations to perform at the same exact time.  The next performance will be Saturday, October 25th, 2014, 3:00 pm at Lake Union Park, 860 Terry Ave N, Seattle, 98109 (South Lake Union, Westlake).  The local group also performs at other fun events in the Seattle area for various organizations.

If you live in the greater Seattle area and would like to learn the dance in a class setting, rehearsals will resume August 24, 2014.  It is free to learn the dance, however, we will accept donations to our charity at all rehearsals.  Rehearsals will be held at Artspace Hiawatha Lofts, 843 Hiawatha Pl S, Seattle, 98144.

This year all contributions will go to the Alzheimer’s Association,  Their vision:  A world without Alzheimer’s disease.  Their mission:  To eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

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World Dance For Humanity – Thriller 2014

Source: World Dance For Humanity


At exactly 3:00pm on Saturday, October 25, 2014, hundreds of World Dance Zombies will rise from the lawn of the Santa Barbara Courthouse Sunken Gardens to perform Michael Jackson’s iconic dance as part of a global phenomenon, Thrill the World. This will be the 5th year World Dance has hosted Thriller Santa Barbara. Our flashmob circuit will include State Street, Ghost Village Road, Soho, Neverland (MJ’s former estate in Los Olivos) and Cold Springs Tavern.

This is a fantastic opportunity for dancers and non-dancers alike to take part in an incredibly fun, spirited, inclusive happening! It offers great exercise, awesome community, and a chance to connect with the world, but it’s much more than that….

Our purpose in producing the Thriller event each year is to help people in need. We raise the funds through event sponsorships, practice fees (only $35 for a 5 weeks of lessons!), and dancer sponsorships.

Our goal in 2014 is to raise $35,000 for our RWANDA EDUCATION FUND. This will make it possible for more than 100 students to attend school in 2015. Every dollar raised will go to the Fund. (In 2013 Thriller raised $30,460 to send 118 Rwanda primary, secondary, and college students to school, and contributed $3,560 to our local Boys and Girls Clubs.)   Meet our current students and their sponsors

Contact Janet for more information

AHA Teen Program
United Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara (Westside)
Boys & Girls Club of Santa Maria Valley
SBCC Ambassadors
California Lutheran University (CLU) – Day of Dance

$35 for a full month of lessons – mix n’ match the times that work for you – come to a few lessons, or lots!

SATURDAY, 10:15-11:00am – SB Dance Center, 127 W Canon Perdido
MONDAY, 7:45-9:00pm – Brazil Arts Café, 1230 State St Suite C  (starts Sept. 15th)
TUESDAY, 8:15-9:00pm – SB Dance Center, 127 W Canon Perdido
WEDNESDAY, 6:00-7:00pm – Alameda Park (by Kids World at Garden & Micheltorena)

Click here to see some albums on World Dance Facebook
and on World Dance Shutterfly

Sunken Gardens by Good Land Media and Performance Memories
Sunken Gardens by Tizmself
Sunken Gardens by Heather Sage
Sunken Gardens by Chris Palumbo
Sunken Gardens by Craig Rademacher
Sunken Gardens by Gordon Fleming
Paseo Nuevo by Brae Wyckoff
Cold Springs Tavern by Tom Lucy
Cold Springs Tavern

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Tour The Michael Jackson “Thriller” Locations In Los Angeles

Source: Creepy LA

The Palace Theatre


In the days after Michael Jackson died, the marquee once again read, “Vincent Price in Thriller,” in a nod of respect to the legendary music video. (click here for pic) This is the theater where Michael and his date, played by Ola Ray, are watching the werewolf movie starring Michael.


The nearly 100 year old theater is now open only for the occasional special event or film shoot. 615 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

The Zombie Dance Intersection

Picture by Tony Hoffarth

Picture by Tony Hoffarth

After skipping past the graveyard, Ola Ray turns to find that Michael’s been turned into a zombie. Which, of course, means only one thing: dance off! Fittingly, most Angelenos wouldn’t be caught dead wandering around this intersection at night… but undead? Seems like a nice place to haunt.
Union Pacific Ave. & Los Palos St., Los Angeles

The Thriller House

“Thriller” ends with Ola Ray seeking refuge from the zombies by running into the safe haven of this delapitated old house. We know how that turned out…

The actual house is one of more than a dozen vintage Victorian homes in L.A.’s Angelino Heights neighborhood – also known as the Haunted House District of L.A. Even on the brightest summer day the almost every home along Carroll Street appears to be home to any number of ghosts or witches. (take a gander at CreepyLA’s field report of Angelino Heights). 1345 Carroll Ave, Los Angeles

Westlake Recording Studios

price - jackson -swedien
At an estimated cost of  $700,000, the “Thriller” album was recorded here in Studio A throughout most of 1982. Fact: Songwriter Rod Temperton originally called the title track, “Starlight,” but woke up with a vision of the word “Thriller” at the top of Billboard’s charts. Telegraph has a great behind the scenes article on the making of the album. 8447 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood




Since 2004, we have celebrated our combined love of gore and Michael Jackson by performing the infamous Thriller dance in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. We are between 17 and a million years old, and our dance experience ranges from novice to professional. We eat brains, grrrrrrrrrowl and bite, but most importantly, we boogie.

This Halloween, leave your mundane human life behind and transform into a rotting, dancing cadaver. After studio rehearsals, outdoor practices in Central Park, and zombie makeup lessons, you’ll be hungering for brains in no time.

Registration begins Oct. 1

We also need zombie bouncers.


(UPDATE: 9-21-14)

Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco: Thriller Halloween Extravaganza – Michael Jackson Skate Party

Source: Dreamland Roller Rink


Lola Star is conjuring up a funk of 40 thousand years and grisly ghouls from every tomb …For no mere mortal can resist THE THRILLER ROLLER DISCO!!!!!! Halloween is just around the corner, along with the beast with forty eyes, this is not just your imagination… Lola Star IS throwing her spookiest Roller Disco to celebrate the King of Pop at Dreamland in Prospect Park!!! Group together all your closest PYT’s as we awake the living dead with the best disco in town!!!! We won’t stop till you get enough and the ghosts of disco will haunt this soiree till they’ve satisfied their hunger for Halloween!!!! If you wanna be startin’ somethin’ we advise you check under your bed to see if the boogie man has your roller skates and come join the Hocus Pocus at Dreamland! It’s sure to be so much fun you will have trouble sleeping at night!!! BOOOOOO!!!!!

* DJ spinning rockin’ Michael Jackason tunes, roller disco grooves & Disco classics.

* Dazzling Performances

* Super smooth polished concrete skate surface – Indoor wheels recommended

* DRESS UP! Thriller ZOMBIES!!! Halloween costumes! Michael Jackson gloves! Billie Jean jackets!

* Costume contest with fabulous prize from Lola Star Souvenir Boutique on the Coney Island Boardwalk

*Dance Skate competition with moves that will blow your mind! Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Bluestone Cafe at Lakeside!

*Advanced ticket purchasing is highly recommended. Our last few skate parties have sold out! So please buy your tickets in advance to ensure you’ll be able to party with us and you won’t have to spend your night waiting in a huge line!! Advanced Tickets to our Thriller Skate party available here:

Dreamland is much more than a traditional roller skating experience – it’s a mind blowing extravaganza. Skaters flock to Dreamland’s themed skate parties dressed in glittering 80s roller disco attire to be dazzled the best roller disco DJs in the country, fabulous skate dance contests, roller dance lessons, and a dazzling array of fabulous burlesque and carnival arts performers.

Lakeside is a 16,000 square foot covered rolling rink overlooking Prospect Park Lake, a fabulous green roof terrace, and beer, wine and specialty menu selections from Bluestone Café.

Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco at Lakeside Prospect Park is only $15.00 per person and includes admission and skate rentals and takes place between the hours of 8:00pm – 10:30pm. 21 and over. Advanced Tickets to our Thriller Skate party available here:

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Lefrak Center at Lakeside in Prospect Park
171 East Drive

Directions to this location


$15 (includes event admission and skate rentals)


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The Black Jacket Symphony presents Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Source: Black Jacket Symphony


The Black Jacket Symphony announces the biggest Halloween party of 2014 — Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” live at the Alabama Theatre on Friday, October 31st! Tickets are on sale to the public NOW, to order click here or the banner below.

Following the note for note, sound for sound recreation of “Thriller”, The Black Jacket Symphony will return to the stage for an unforgettable performance of some of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. This is an all ages show and costumes are encouraged!

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Update 9-22-14

Learn The Steps to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ At California Lutheran University

Source: Los Angeles Daily News – By Sandra Barrera


Michael Jackson’s genius moves take the spotlight from 10 to 11 a.m. every Saturday through Oct. 18 in preparation for a large-scale “Thriller” performance at California Lutheran University, all leading up to the “Thrill the World” dance event Oct. 25.

For anyone who’s ever wanted to learn the steps for the 1980s hit, here’s your chance.

Students, alumni and faculty will be leading free classes at Gilbert Sports & Fitness Center, 130 Overton Ct., Thousand Oaks.

Each class is open to the first 55 people.

For more information, contact Barbara Wegher-Thompson at 805-241-8515.

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Orianthi Will Headline A Show at Morongo Casino, Resort And Spa



Guitarist Orianthi, who has worked with Michael Jackson, Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert, will headline a show at Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa on Friday, Oct. 31.

The guitar prodigy released her latest album, “Heaven in This Hell,” in 2013. It was produced by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics.

Orianthi’sHalloween show will be held in Morongo’s ballroom. There will also be an after-party at Vibe with DJ Leo.

Tickets are $30 and $40, before fees, and are on sale via Ticketmaster and the Morongo box office.

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Foreverland Brings Michael Jackson’s Music To Life

Sources: Merced Sun Star – Victor Patton | All Things Michael


The Merced Theatre will be the place to “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)” as the 14-piece Michael Jackson tribute band Foreverland takes the stage Friday night to perform a diverse selection of hits from the King of Pop’s expansive catalog.

Luke Kirley, 33, who plays trombone in Foreverland, said while the musicians in the band don’t impersonate Jackson, there will be plenty of dancing and an energized atmosphere to entertain fans of all ages. “The music comes first for us,” Kirley explained. “We will be dancing and moving the entire time. It’s a party on stage…You’re just wrapped into it right there. It’s a high energy show.”

Foreverland was inspired to come together in the Bay Area in 2009, after Jackson announced his “This Is It” tour, which was planned as 10 shows at London’s O2 Arena, according to Kirley. Sadly, that tour never came to fruition, as Jackson died on June 25, 2009.

At the inception of the band, there were around six members. As the group began to perform more complex songs, however, more musicians came aboard over the years, evolving into the band’s current 14-member lineup, which includes four vocalists, a rhythm section, keyboards, two guitarists and a horn section.

The band plays songs spanning Jackson’s entire career, from his early days performing with his brothers in the Jackson 5, to his chart-busting years as a solo artist with producer Quincy Jones, where he broke records with albums like “Off the Wall,” “Thriller,” and “Bad.”

Jackson’s music is particularly inspiring, according to Kirley, because it spoke to the hearts of people worldwide. Jackson was also untouchable as a performer — one whose legacy continues to have a profound impact upon musicians globally. “His authenticity in his performance was something that was undeniable,” Kirley said. “It went across nations. He was an international success. It’s something that resonates with people even if they are not English language speakers.”

Although the band does not impersonate Jackson, Kirley said it’s not uncommon for fans turn up in full King of Pop regalia, or to see the occasional audience member doing the “Moonwalk” in the aisle. “People really get into it,” Kirley said. “They’ll come in crazy costumes, some people will do some choreography out in the audience. It’s really fun, and a celebration.”


  • What: Foreverland, September 19

    Where: Merced Theatre, 301 W. Main St.

    When: Doors open at 7 p.m., show begins at 8 p.m. Friday

    Admission: $24

    Tickets: Visit the theater box office or

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Michael Jackson Hologram Lawsuit: Judge Dismisses False Advertising Claim Against Alki David

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter – By Eriq Garner | All Things Michael


The fighting over who owns rights to resurrect deceased artists like Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe through holographic-like projection technology is far from over, but billionaire Alki David scored a legal success on Wednesday when he convinced a California federal judge to reject a false advertising claim that pertained to what the FIlmOn founder said during a CNN interview.

David has bought Hologram USA and staked himself to the future of the technology, and around the time that the Billboard Music Awards featured a re-creation of Michael Jackson, he went on both a legal and publicity campaign. In court, David attacked those who had created the spectacle for allegedly infringing his patents rights. And through the media, he hyped the various applications for the projection technology. A day after the May 18 Billboard Music Awards, David gave an interview with CNN that aired with the caption, “Michael Jackson Hologram: How’d They Do It?”

Pulse Entertainment then brought a $10 million lawsuit against him. According to the complaint, David “falsely claimed credit for creating and developing the visual effects spectacle in a nationally-televised interview on CNN.”

U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson notes that the allegation of misrepresentation is grounded in fraud and means that Pulse has the burden of specifying the statements it claims were false.

During the interview, David made various colorful statements including:

  • “What you saw at the Billboard, you saw a digital head connected to an actor. We capture the body and the head in real time. And we have the sync marks and we can attach the two together”
  • “What you saw at the Billboard was ‘Super Michael.’ You saw Michael beyond the controversy, beyond the problems that he faced in his real life.”
  • “There is no end to how you can apply this. All we really need to do is apply our imagination”

But David didn’t directly say, “I created the Michael Jackson hologram.”

The closest that happened is when his CNN interviewer asserted the “MJ likeness used at the Billboard Music Awards was created by Hologram USA.”

Judge Wilson sees a difference.

“Most of the obviously false and deceptive statements were made by CNN (or its interviewer) rather than by Defendants,” writes the judge. “Even though Defendants participated in the interview, Pulse fails to plead sufficient facts to show that Defendants either knew of the false caption and interviewer’s statement before the broadcast aired or otherwise participated in their creation. The only specific statements attributed to Defendant were not materially deceptive. These statements related only to the methods used to create the Michael Jackson Animation, descriptions of the Animation, and statements relating to the potential uses for the technology used to create the Animation.”

CNN removed the interview from its website, but David republished the segment on websites and through his Twitter account. The judge says Pulse’s false advertising claim fails as to the original broadcast, but raises the prospect of some liability through the reposting.

“To the extent that Pulse’s false advertising claim relies on Defendants’ republication of the interview segment, it comes closer to meeting the mark,” writes the judge. “By reposting the segment with the interviewer’s statement and caption, Defendants arguably adopted these false statements.”

But Pulse hasn’t offered up enough details about exactly when and how the CNN interview got reposted, so for now, the false advertising claim fails there too. The lawsuit is dismissed with leave to amend, however, meaning that Pulse can try again.

Also in the ruling, Judge Wilson rejects a reverse passing off claim and doesn’t think that Pulse’s claims belonged as counterclaims in the ongoing patent infringement lawsuit.

Court Documents

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