Popular Michael Jackson Tribute Act Who’s Bad Moonwalking To Lorain Palace

Sources: Morning Journal – By Ron Vidka| Edited By – All Things Michael


Whether you were fans of the Jackson 5 or taught yourself to moon walk to “Billie Jean,” you might want to know that Who’s Bad has been called the “ultimate homage” to Michael Jackson.

Billed as “The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Show,” Who’s Bad plays one show only at the Lorain Palace Theater, 617 Broadway, Lorain, Dec. 6 at 8 p.m.

Tickets are $18, $25 and $50. Call the Palace box office at 440-245-2323 or visit lorainpalace.com.

According to press materials, the King of Pop’s longtime friend and manager Frank DiLeo  proclaimed after seeing the Who’s Bad show in Nashville, “The show was great. … Michael would have been proud!”

Begun in 2004 in Chapel Hill, N.C., Who’s Bad is said to be the longest-running Michael Jackson tribute band, selling out nearly 50 venues in the United Kingdom in December, 2010, the same venues where Jackson was preparing to end his career on a high note with a 50-show “This Is It” concert series.


Musician Vamsi Tadepalli is the man responsible for creating the six-member entourage that has literally gone around the world with their performances.

Taalib York, who stands in for the King of Pop, is a Brooklyn native who began singing and dancing at the age of 7, mimicking his idol Michael Jackson at every talent show in the area.

That obsession has resulted in he and the other musicians selling out their first tour of China and, in America, packing the House of Blues franchises nationwide.

Who’s Bad has been hailed as “an unrivaled celebration of pop music’’s one true King.. a power-packed performance igniting crowds on every continent and can only be described as a jaw-dropping, musical must-see.”


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Michael Jackson Listed Among Smithsonian’s 100 Most Significant Americans Of All Time

Sources: Smithsonian Mag – By TA Frail | All Things Michael


How much does Thomas Paine matter? More than Harriet Beecher Stowe? Less than Elvis? On a par with Dwight Eisenhower? Would you have answered these questions differently ten years ago? Will you answer them differently ten years from now? In a culture so saturated with information and so fragmented by the search possibilities of the Internet, how do we measure historical significance?

Steven Skiena and Charles B. Ward have come up with a novel answer. Skiena is the Distinguished Teaching Professor of Computer Science at Stony Brook University and a co-founder of the social-analytics company General Sentiment. Ward is an engineer at Google, specializing in ranking methodologies. Their answer involves high-level math. They subject the historical zeitgeist to the brute rigors of quantitative analysis in a recent book, Who’s Bigger? Where Historical Figures Really Rank.

Simply put, Skiena and Ward have developed an algorithmic method of ranking historical figures, just as Google ranks web pages. But while Google ranks web pages according to relevance to your search terms, Skiena and Ward rank people according to their historical significance, which they define as “the result of social and cultural forces acting on the mass of an individual’s achievement.” Their rankings account not only for what individuals have done, but also for how well others remember and value them for it.

Their method requires a massive amount of big data on historical reputation. This they found in the English-language Wikipedia, which has more than 840,000 pages devoted to individuals from all times and places, plus data extracted from the 15 million books Google has scanned. They analyzed this data to produce a single score for each person, using a formula that incorporates the number of links to each page, the number of page visits, the length of each entry and the frequency of edits to each page. Their algorithms differentiate between two kinds of historical reputation, what they call “gravitas” and “celebrity.” Finally, their method requires a means of correcting for the “decay” in historical reputation that comes with the passage of time; they developed an algorithm for that, too. By their reckoning, Jesus, Napoleon, Muhammad, William Shakespeare and Abraham Lincoln rank as the top five figures in world history. Their book ranks more than 1,000 individuals from all around the world, providing a new way to look at history.

Skiena and Ward would be the first to acknowledge that their method has limitations. Their concept of significance has less to do with achievement than with an individual’s strength as an Internet meme—how vividly he or she remains in our collective memory. The English-language Wikipedia favors Americans over foreigners, men over women, white people over others and English speakers over everyone else. In their rankings of Americans only, past presidents occupy 39 of the first 100 spots, suggesting an ex-officio bias.

That’s where we come in. Smithsonian magazine has been covering American history in depth from its inaugural issue, published in 1970. Among the Smithsonian Institution museums we work closely with is the National Museum of American History. By synthesizing our expertise with the systematic rigor of Skiena and Ward’s rankings, we sought to combine the best of quantitative measures and qualitative judgment.

First, we asked Skiena and Ward to separate figures significant to American history from the world population. Then, rather than simply taking their top 100, we developed categories that we believe are significant, and populated our categories with people in Skiena and Ward’s order (even if they ranked below 100). This system helped mitigate the biases of Wikipedia.

We have highlighted what we decided was the most interesting choice within each category with a slightly fuller biographical sketch. And finally, we made an Editors’ Choice in each category, an 11th American whose significance we’re willing to argue for.

Argument, of course, has been integral to American historiography from the beginning. When Andrew Gelman, a professor of statistics and political science at Columbia University, wrote that Who’s Bigger? “is a guaranteed argument-starter,” he meant it as a compliment. We hope our list will spark a few passionate discussions as well.

Here is our list; to read about what made each person significant, pick up a copy of the special issue at a newsstand near you.



Christopher Columbus
Henry Hudson
Amerigo Vespucci
John Smith
Giovanni da Verrazzano
John Muir
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
Kit Carson
Neil Armstrong
John Wesley Powell

Rebels & resisters

Martin Luther King Jr.
Robert E. Lee
Thomas Paine
John Brown
Frederick Douglass
Susan B. Anthony
W.E.B. Du Bois
Sitting Bull
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Malcolm X


Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Theodore Roosevelt
Ulysses S. Grant
Ronald W. Reagan
George W. Bush
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
James Madison
Andrew Jackson

First Women

Eleanor Roosevelt
Hillary Clinton
Sarah Palin
Martha Washington
Hellen Keller
Sojourner Truth
Jane Addams
Edith Wharton
Bette Davis
Oprah Winfrey


Benedict Arnold
Jesse James
John Wilkes Booth
Al Capone
Billy the Kid
William M. “Boss” Tweed
Charles Manson
Wild Bill Hickok
Lee Harvey Oswald
John Dillinger
Lucky Luciano


Frank Lloyd Wright
Andy Warhol
Frederick Law Olmsted
James Abbott MacNeill Whistler
Jackson Pollock
John James Audubon
Georgia O’Keeffe
Thomas Eakins
Thomas Nast
Alfred Stieglitz
Ansel Adams

Religious figures

Joseph Smith Jr.
William Penn
Brigham Young
Roger Williams
Anne Hutchinson
Jonathan Edwards
L. Ron Hubbard
Ellen G. White
Cotton Mather
Mary Baker Eddy
Billy Graham

Pop icons

Mark Twain
Elvis Presley
Bob Dylan
Michael Jackson
Charlie Chaplin
Jimi Hendrix
Marilyn Monroe
Frank Sinatra
Louis Armstrong
Mary Pickford


Andrew Carnegie
Henry Ford
John D. Rockefeller
J.P. Morgan
Walt Disney
Thomas Alva Edison
William Randolph Hearst
Howard Hughes
Bill Gates
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Steve Jobs


Babe Ruth
Muhammad Ali
Jackie Robinson
James Naismith
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ty Cobb
Michael Jordan
Hulk Hogan
Jim Thorpe
Billie Jean King

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AFL Star David Rodan Wins Australia’s Dancing With The Stars; Performs Freestyle Routine To PYT

Sources: The Daily Mail | Edited By – All Things Michael


He was the comeback king of the footy pitch and now David Rodan has also revealed himself to be snake-hipped sensation on the dance floor as he took the 2014 Dancing With The Stars trophy.

The 31-year-old former AFL player beat off stiff competition from Home And Away’s Lynne McGranger and pop diva Ricki-Lee Coulter on Tuesday night to take the glitter ball title.

Scoring a jaw-dropping 120 points on the evening, the unassuming Fijian star scooped perfect 10s from each judge for his three stellar performances, as he wowed alongside partner Melanie.


Performing the Cha-Cha from his inaugural performance, the athletic man of few words impressed with his unencumbered body movements, prompting judge Todd McKenney to say: ‘It’s so good watching a bloke embrace dance.’

While Adam Garcia, said, ‘It looked like walk in the park, you’re a born performer.’

The night began with a bang as the eleven original couples returned to the dance floor to put on a red hot opening performance, dancing to I’m On Fire.

With a braggable line-up of entertainment in store, including performances from Australian singer Guy Sebastian and British star Charli XCX, the night kicked off with the first of three dances – the infamous Judges’ Choice.

David set the bar high performing a dazzling quickstep routine with his dance partner Melanie.

The footy star pulled out all the stops and more – a cartwheel, jump and dramatic fall to the fall ending – to wow the panel of judges.

For the freestyle round David once again hit the floor at a high speed, dazzling the crowds with a Michael Jackson inspired routine to Pretty Young Thing.


The snake hipped football star was an enigmatic force on the floor, shimmering in a glittering jacket as he worked wonders much to the delight of the judges, who were once again blown away giving him a score of 40 again.

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Source: The Coveteur | All Things Michael


“I was searching for seven days for his contact and one day I sent this e-mail to his lawyer. First off, I didn’t even know if the e-mail address I sent to was the correct one. My phone starts ringing and [the voice] says. ‘I’m the lawyer for Michael Jackson from Washington, DC.’ I already saw myself in the court. And then she says, ‘Mr. Jackson confirms your cover ofVogue magazine.’ So I said, ‘Please Madame, could you confirm this please once more, so that I’m sure that this is the truth’ because I couldn’t believe that this was the truth. And she said, ‘Absolutely.’ I didn’t even count five minutes before the e-mail came already confirming the cover of Vogue with Michael Jackson, and then my life changed.


I learned that when we did the photo shoot with Bruce Weber. It was with literally 1000 [pieces of] clothing. 66 designers and nobody said no. This one jacket he had with sequins was eight kilos! The next day, Michael called my boss and asked if I could style him to be his personal stylist. And then Michael called me and said, ‘Where are you now?’ I said that I was in the house prepping for the next day for my photo shoot. He said, ‘I cancelled your photo shoot. I’ll come to pick you up. We’re going to Las Vegas!’

I never moved out of his house. I was always there. He chose me. When he died, I cried for days. I needed water to calm myself down. I said, ‘Why did you die? Why did you die?’

I think in some way he’s always here. I was in this chair when he died. I almost died too. We were making the shoes and my cousin texted me. ‘Rushka, I don’t know where you are, but can you please press news now? Something is going wrong with Michael Jackson,’ And in the same second when she texted me, someone else said, ‘Sweetheart, where are you? Do I need to come to your studio?’ When I asked why, she said, ‘Something is going wrong.’ The same second, my younger sister asked, ‘Rushka, are you okay? Are you in the studio? I have to tell you some bad news. I don’t know if this is the truth, but your friend Michael Jackson has passed away.’ I have the chills. I said,  ‘This is not possible.’ Everybody came here and I was on the floor, screaming. I couldn’t even believe that this was real. I was thinking that this was all made up. Can you imagine myself? I’m making Michael’s shoes with Jonathan (my assistant). Michael was in charge of absolutely everything; if he said, ‘I want this’ then this is it. He was a genius; pure genius.


Michael Jackson was a virtuoso of music, avant-garde dancer and fashion icon. He was the boldest master. His originality and richness defined the music of the 1980’s until today. At the same time, he was a great father and a true humanitarian. His heart was bigger than the planet–even bigger than the galaxy. His gentle and spiritual nature made him one of the greatest people that will ever walk the Earth. The more I got to know him, the more I loved him–it was magic. He was so beautiful, he had the power of love. I miss him very much and I will never forget him. He will stay in my heart and his music will live with us, as we always used to say ‘Forever, Darling!'”

- As told to us by Rushka Bergman

More from Rushka

“During [Michael’s] glory in the 80s, he was a powerful individual and his style was so remarkable through his choices on the stage: the beautiful sequinned glove, white socks, the military jackets, the Thriller red leather jacket, sequin tuxedo pants, and the penny loafers. These were his trademarks.”


“Michael Jackson, Hilary Clinton, Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Michael Fassbender, Shia LaBeouf, and Robert Pattinson are some of the most memorable talents that I have worked with.”


“I did something very revolutionary by putting Michael Jackson in clothes by haute couture women’s designers such as Balmain by Christophe Decarnin, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci and John Galliano. Michael Jackson was always known for wearing iconic jackets, but because he was a true innovator and creator, I moved him forward with new avant-garde looks from the best designers in the world. Balmain jackets, with their pagoda shoulders as well as his famous Givenchy baroque gold-studded jacket and Napoleon Bonaparte jacket by John Galliano are true to his legacy but extremely modern. At the same time, he kept his look very sophisticated and classic; bespoke tailoring by Tom Ford, and schoolboy looks by Kris Van Assche for Dior Homme. He always liked to mix styles, but with my influence and taste, I sculpted his image.”


“[Jackson’s children] are genius kids. They were so close to me, I recently spoke with Prince because he is the oldest. Paris is so beautiful. Just like her father, she has the guts. That girl is too smart. I adore, adore her. Michael Jackson was twenty-four hours, and his kids, they’re so sweet, they’d be spoiled, but you’d never believe it in your life.”


“I’m making an exhibition of Michael Jackson’s best clothes, that you’ve ever seen in your life. That is going to tell you everything about him. They think it will come out in a year and a half or two years, because now we are in the process of the book, because it is a very big production.”


“My work is all about the dream.”


“I would not switch closets with anyone. Buying clothes is my biggest guilty pleasure!”



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Chinese Popstar Jason Zhang Wins An AMA; Gives Shout Out To Michael Jackson For His Influence

Sources: LA.com – By Mariecar Mendoza| Edited By – All Things Michael

ama_2 (4)

The American Music Awards honored many homegrown artists, from Luke Bryan to Taylor Swift and Imagine Dragons, on Sunday, but international pop stars won big as well. Among them, was Jason Zhang, also known as Zhang Jie, a Chinese pop singer and actor who rose to fame through TV singing competitions.

“Hey AMAs! How you doing? I’m Jason Zhang from China,” he exclaimed as he clutched his award for favorite International Artist.

Zhang, who seemed understandably giddy but a little out of sorts, admitted he was jet lagged because he was overseas just the night before.

“Today, right now, I’m in Los Angeles… I feel like I’m living the dream,” he said.

He continued to thank American music and pop culture for being such an influence in his life, giving a particular shout out to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Zhang even belted out MJ’s “Heal the World” before his mic got cut off.

While no one could hear how he concluded, his America-loving speech was quite adorable.


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Could Michael Jackson’s Xscape Get A Grammy Nomination? (Opinion)

Source: Daily News – By Jim Farber | Edited By – All Things Michael


The Grammy’s nomination list will be released on December 5.  Daily News reporter Jim Farber gives his opinion about who will make the list.

Look for newbies to rule this year’s Grammys.

When the nominations come tumbling out on Dec. 5, the names most likely to crowd the top categories — namely, neo-soul crooner Sam Smith, leggy rapper Iggy Azalea and elusive pop diva Sia — were virtually unknown before 2014.

He also believes that some of the nominees will be old time favorites as well as popular hits:

Tony Bennett — at 88 — has a near lock on an album of the year nomination for “Cheek to Cheek,” his disc with a star six decades his junior, Lady Gaga. Bennett won that prize back in ’94 for his “Unplugged” effort. His 72-year-old peer, Barbra Streisand, could also get an album of the year nod, for “Partners,” her hot-selling disc of duets with other big stars.

Another juggernaut this year falls outside the common spheres of pop. The “Frozen” soundtrack has sold more than any other disc in 2014 (over 3.2 million and counting). The entire disc may not get an album of the year nod, but it’s hard to imagine voters ignoring the inescapable single “Let It Go,” voiced by Broadway’s Idina Menzel, for the year’s top record and song.

Some voters may want to ignore U2’s “Songs of Innocence” because it was automatically downloaded into iPhones — but one man’s spam is another Grammy voter’s album of the year selection. So don’t count it out.

Here is his list of likely nominations which includes, Michael jackson’s Xscape for Album of The Year:


Sam Smith, Haim, 5 Seconds of Summer, Sia, Meghan Trainor, Iggy Azalea


“In the Lonely Hour” Sam Smith, “Beyoncé” Beyoncé, “Ghost Stories”Coldplay, “Prism” Katy Perry, “GIRL” Pharrell Williams, “x” Ed Sheeran,“Partners” Barbra Streisand, “Xscape” Michael Jackson, “Turn Blue” Ariana Grande, “Lazaretto” Jack White, “Cheek to Cheek” Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, “1000 Forms of Fear” Sia, “Songs of Innocence” U2, “Frozen” soundtrack, “The New Classic” Iggy Azalea, “Marshall Mathers 2” Eminem


“Stay With Me” Sam Smith, “Let It Go” Idina Menzel, “Happy” Pharrell Williams, “All About That Bass” Meghan Trainor, “Fancy” Iggy Azalea,“Problems” Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea, “The Monster” Eminem and Rhianna, “Drunk on Love” Beyoncé and Jay Z, “All of Me” John Legend,“Chandelier” Sia

It will interesting to see if he is right. Xscape certainly deserves to be nominated.


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Michael Jackson Inspired Number In Suriya’s “Masss” Movie

Sources: The Hindu | All Things Michael

michael jackson fashion icon (1)

It’s well known that director Venkat Prabhu is working with Suriya on a film titledMasss. And, the latest about this project is that it is likely to have a Michael Jackson-inspired number that will be specially tuned by music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja.

“We are working on a special song,” said the composer at an awards function on Sunday. “Both Venkat and I are huge fans of Michael Jackson and have grown up watching his shows and videos. In this film, we wanted to have a song that will be inspired by MJ and we’re working on that currently.” The well-known Kollywood composer is a self-confessed fan of the King of Pop, having shown off MJ-like moves in his live concerts.

Venkat Prabhu and the composer have worked earlier on films like Saroja, Mankatha and Biriyani and come up with some superhit tunes in them.

This is the first time that Suriya is working with the director, who is known for striking a chord with youngsters. When we spoke with Suriya earlier, he said, “Shooting is progressing well and we should be completing the film in the next couple of months. This is such a young unit; it’s the first time a director is calling me ‘anna’.”

The first look of this movie, starring Nayanthara and Amy Jackson in female leads, was released during Deepavali and received positive feedback from fans thanks to Suriya’s intense look in it. The film will hit screens in 2015.

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Sources: VladTV – By Desire T | All Things Michael


Popular singer and songwriter Eric Bellinger exclusively talked to VladTV about his songwriting process, growing up in Compton and his special connection to Michael Jackson.

One-fifth of popular writing team, The Writing Camp, Bellinger has helped create hits for Beyonce, Chris Brown, Selena Gomez and many more. Bellinger says his time in church helped him create solid music. His relation to legendary songwriter Bobby Day was also a big influence on him. Day penned some of The Jackson 5’s popular tracks like “Rockin’ Robin,” and “Little Bitty Pretty One.”

“I think knowing my grandfather did it helped,” he said. “He had a studio in his house, in his basement, in his garage so I would be there and I was lucky enough to meet him and I took on the same exact role where I had a studio in my bedroom and I moved in a bigger place and I got a room specifically for a studio and now I’ve built out a real studio at an establishment so I’ve thought, ‘If grandpa can do it, I can do it.'”

He also had nothing but kind words to say about Michael Jackson and how his media persona was completely different from who he was in real life.


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