B.B. King’s Take On Jimmy Reed’s “Big Boss Man” Mixed With “Billie Jean”

Sources: The Stranger – By Mike Nipper| Edited By – All Things Michael

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Last week, after learning B.B. King died, I spent some time picking through King’s deep discography searching for anything straying from his classic urban blues style. I reckoned, as he’d been making records for SEVENTY years, you know, there might be something unheard, like an odd disco track or even him rapping; I hoped to suss out any attempt to keep King relevant after urban blues had drifted away from the pop charts. Um, my search paid off; I found an odd, mid-’80s, experiment incorporating Michael Jackson‘s “Billie Jean” into King’s take on Jimmy Reed‘s blues standard “Big Boss Man.”

I couldn’t imagine ANYONE suggesting using a wholesale lift of “Billie Jean” to underpin, and slightly boogie up “Big Boss Man.” Michael Jackson was f****** everywhere in the mid ’80s and this track would’a been the most obvious nick. “Boss Man” is off King’s 1985 album Six Sliver Strings.

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Our Children, Our Future Food Program Gets Help From Michael Jackson Tribute Show

Sources: Northern Life.ca –  By Ivan Radisic| All Things Michael


Billie Jackson and the Prime Time Band emulate the Gloved One himself, Michael Jackson, to benefit Our Children, Our Future in June.

The King of Pop: Michael Jackson Experience Tribute Show hits the stage at the Fraser Auditorium at Laurentian University on June 19. The fundraising concert benefits Our Children, Our Future’s Infant Food Cupboard and Food Security Program.

“Do to increased pressure on our program, we have decided to introduce this event to help raise much needed funds,” said Susan Nicholson, executive director of Our Children, Our Future. “We rely solely on donations and events like this to provide emergency assistance to families of infant formula, milk and diapers along with nutritious food for children and parents within the District of Sudbury and Manitoulin.”

Tickets can be purchased at STC box office or online.

The event is sponsored by Schuster Boyd Mcdonald.

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MJ Choreographer Fatima Robinson Has Been Nominated For The 2015 BET Awards Video Director of the Year

Sources: BET | All Things Michael


Fatima has worked with greats like MJ and Aaliyah in pushing the boundaries by connecting a message to a brand through art. Videos like “Happy” by Pharrell or shows like “The Voice” has showcased her immense range and skills.

See the behind the scenes interview with Fatima and Stretch from Remember the Times (3:47-4:40)

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Upcoming Events For In The Studio With Michael Jackson – The Lab And More!

Sources: Sent by Brad Sundberg – Thank you | All Things Michael


In The Studio With Michael Jackson is kicking into a very busy couple months. This weekend we will be in Toronto hosting a very unique event called “The Lab.” It will comprise of 90% of our current seminar material, but also some new test segments – including our new two-hour virtual tour of Neverland complete with multi-point surround sound of the ACTUAL sounds I created for Neverland. “The Lab” in Toronto is going to be a lot of fun this Saturday. The Neverland tour is pretty cool, and I’m working on a segment on… oh, I can’t spoil it. See you on Saturday!

In June we will be in Cologne, Germany with Brad Buxer and Michael Prince for a special four-day event detailing our working practices, stories, music and memories. This is nearly sold-out, but a few tickets are still available.

The following weekend I will be in Madrid, Spain (without Brad B and Michael P) for a weekend of “In The Studio With MJ” seminars.

After that we will be in Gary/Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas and Brazil.

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm!

Keep The Faith –




Sources: Ice Cream Conversations | All Things Michael

Fullscreen capture 5182015 30659 PM

Cassius was decked out in his MJ gear (glitter socks included) and went full throttle on the dance floor showing off his best King of Pop moves.

Cassius’ proud mommy captioned the video, “#best birthday ever #cassius 6th BDay party #MJ theme #we had a blast #he’s my out lil star #Cassius #happiest #Blackcelebkids #blessed”

Diddy’s kiddies, D’Lila Star, Jessie James, and Chance Combs also celebrated with the birthday boy.


Hands down, Cassius had the best cake ever!



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Radio.com Minimation: Slash Gets ‘The Call’ From Michael Jackson [Part 1]

Sources: Radio.com – By Brian Ives | All Things Michael


On Minimation, we comb through the Radio.com interview archives and animate interviews with legendary artists. In this interview from 2014, Slash recalls his legendary sessions with Michael Jackson. You remembered that he played guitar on “Give In To Me” from 1991’s ‘Dangerous’ album, right? 

Michael Jackson always had a knack for finding great lead guitar players when he wanted to rock out a bit on a single. On 1982’s Thriller, he used Eddie Van Halen on “Beat It.” On the follow up, 1987’s Bad he called on Billy Idol’s axe-man Steve Stevens for “Dirty Diana.” And, by the ’90s, there was no guitarist hotter than Guns N Roses‘ Slash. And so it was that Slash got a call from the King of Pop while he was staying in the famed “Riot House” aka the Hyatt on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The song that Slash played on the album was “Give In To Me.” He also provided some guitar noise on “Black Or White,” but didn’t play on the song, contrary to popular belief. But Jackson and Slash hit it off, and the guitarist even hit the road with him for a short time.

And Slash has another story about that. We’ll post part two of that interview, where Slash talks about performing with the King of Pop, next week.


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An Interview With Artist C’ecile Duteil (Excerpt)

Sources: The Examiner – By Rev. Catherine Gross | Edited By All Things Michael


Last week we began a series featuring the artists who will give life to the MJJ Art Museum. We are all very grateful that they have donated beautiful pieces. It is their works that can actually bring hope and healing to so very many. It is important for us to acknowledge them today, while they can see how their work has touched us, and they can hear our applause. It has been the practice of museums to display the works of artists who have made their transition.

Whereas the art lives on long after the artist, there is something lonely about owning a piece of art because the artist is no longer here to share. Our purpose is to create unity through a living art experience. Cécile Duteil will be speaking to us today.

As a result, you are really a fantastic artist… What motivated you to become a Michael artist?

It’s a long story. I’ll start with my first job experience in Disneyland Paris, in 1997. That’s when I first “crossed paths” with Michael Jackson. As all his fans know, Michael loved to go to Disneyland when he was spending some time in France. He was staying at Disneyland Hotel, the beautiful hotel at the entrance of the park. I remember having worked right under his windows when he was there! At that time I was not a fan yet, although there were many songs of him I appreciated. And several of his song videos were among my favorites.

I did not meet him personally but one day before we left work, our team leader told us that some tickets for Michael’s concert were available. They had been graciously given on behalf of Michael to the attention of the Cast Members (that’s how Disneyland employees are called). Such an offer could not be refused! I even had the chance to get 2 tickets, one for myself and one for my brother who was a student then – and we shared the same apartment.

So we attended the HIStory concert in Paris, Parc des Princes, on June 29th, 1997. There is no need to describe how a King of Pop concert is like ! It is a precious, unique experience. My favorite memory of it is Earth Song. Now when I listen to this song and close my eyes, those images of him hanging at the “cherry picker” come back to my mind. He was like flying over our heads in acrobatic postures, putting all his soul and passion into this song.

Believe me I was crying like a child when I found the concert ticket again, after Michael’s passing. I had moved to several places since then, and I was afraid I could have lost it. It was kept in my 1997 agenda book ! Then how did I become a fan?


Yes.. how did you become a fan?

The life of famous people is something I’m not interested in, most of the time. So I like to listen to music, to watch some song videos but don’t know much about the artists’ life.

On July 7th, 2009, the Michael Jackson Memorial was aired on TV. Like many people on the planet, I did not miss this final goodbye to the most famous superstar. And after the Memorial, the Bucharest concert was broadcast on the same TV channel. Although it was late and I felt sleepy, I could not get my eyes off the screen. There was a powerful feeling in my guts. He ignited something in me.

I thought it would not last, but day after day I wanted to learn more about him. Why did this not happen when I saw him live on stage ? I don’t know, this was probably not meant to be the right time then. Maybe it’s because I was a bit too far from the scene and there were taller people in front of me.

Now I have learned from many other fans that something special happened for them too, after Michael passed. The sky only knows how or why it happens, but we agree that there is a spiritual connection with Michael.

So in 2009 I started discovering nearly all about Michael’s life and what I learned made me love and admire him more each day. He was -and still is- such a loving and inspiring soul!

Naturally came my eagerness to draw or paint portraits of him. He’s so graceful, be it his movements, his smile, his deep gaze or his interactions with others! He has become my masculine muse. And other fans are encouraging me a lot when they write how they appreciate my artwork. This means a lot to me. I want to share more of it with them since they enjoy it. Seeing other great fan-art pieces is also a significant emulation to me.

Last year I illustrated Smile Effect, Brenda Jenkyns’ beautiful story inspired by Michael’s smile, and it was a wonderful experience. I thank her very much for this. Here and then I’ve had a few drawings also published in fans collective books. I’m thankful to all the kind people who have given me these opportunities.

Several fans who support or manage charity projects have proposed me lovely ideas and ways to contribute with art. This is part of my motivation too, because it is such an honor to perpetuate Michael’s legacy by helping heal the world!

Michael said he was committed to his art, that it was a gift , I can see that you feel the same way too

Michael teaches me a lot. He was a deeply spiritual and loving person. Very learned too. There are lots of meaning and important messages in his art. Somehow, he must have shared this beautiful energy with me and many other fans from above because I cannot explain otherwise how I suddenly turned to be a fan. It’s not a secret anymore -at least for fans- that many of us feel his energy, his spirit. He recruited his “little soldiers of L.O.V.E.” I guess !

Art has been a part of me (another part of me !) from the youngest age. So my commitment to my art is not something I have to question or to waken. It is like a vital need, it is necessary to my balance.


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The Mission Clothing Red Lion Shirt Worn By Michael Jackson In This Is It Has Been Re-issued Exclusively At Tattoo Apparel

Sources: PR Web | All Things Michael


La Habra California (PRWEB) May 18, 2015 – In 2009 Michael Jackson was last seen on stage rehearsing for his upcoming This Is It shows. With the King of Pop’s untimely passing, a movie, entitled This Is It, was released to pay homage to MJ’s vision for this show. Footage of the last rehearsal were a large part of the movie and photographs from that day were used as the artwork for the This Is It Music CD. Michael Jackson spent much of that rehearsal wearing a red button front shirt with a Lion design, large letter M and rhinestone accents on it.


The shirt Michael was wearing that day was the Red Lion shirt by Los Angeles based Mission Clothing. It is easy to guess what attracted him to the shirt. Mr. Jackson was known to be fond of the color red, the Lion is seen as “the King” and the shirt had a large M on it. The M actually stood for the brand Mission Clothing but all these things factored into making it a shirt that was perfect for the King of Pop.

After Michael Jackson passed away retailers including, Perpetual Vogue – Tattoo Apparel who carried the Mission Clothing brand fielded requests from MJ fans worldwide who wanted to purchase the shirt. Retailers saw their existing stock sell out quickly. At the same time some unscrupulous clothing manufacturers in China started making low quality fake versions of the shirt, essentially stealing the design and making counterfeit versions of the shirt. To maintain the integrity of their brand and their design Mission chose to retire the design at that time so as to not be affiliated in any way with the fake shirts being made.

Fullscreen capture 5182015 90911 AM

Much time has passed yet Michael Jackson fans continue to request access to the real version of this shirt. They want the real deal, the hand embellished shirt that is made in Los Angeles by Mission Clothing, just like what Michael wore. Mission Clothing has now re-released the shirt so it is available again to Michael Jackson fans to purchase. In order to control the authenticity of the shirt so that fans will know that they are receiving the real shirt, Mission has decided to only offer the shirt for sale through the Perpetual Vogue Store and the Perpetual Vogue online sales venues. The shirt may, in the future, be available at tribute shows but as of now the only place to purchase the authentic Mission Lion Shirt in store is at the Perpetual Vogue Shop in La Habra California and online at web sites and online venues that are part of Perpetual Vogue such as http://www.TattooApparel.com.

The Mission Lion shirt is a trademarked design by Mission Clothing Los Angeles. It is red cotton button front shirt with a touch of spandex for stretch. Each shirt has been individually printed and hand detailed. The shirt is a very slim fitting men’s shirt. Most gentlemen go up a size for the best fit. Since it is slim fitting it was also very popular with ladies who like to wear it over leggings. The shirt care label recommends dry cleaning.

Michael Jackson can be seen wearing the shirt in the This Is It movie trailer and other videos from the This Is It rehearsal. There are also photos in the CD case and many photos online and on fan web sites.

This is the ultimate Michael Jackson fan collectible. It can be worn, saved as part of a collection or framed. The actual shirt design, just like what Michael himself wore is the perfect MJ fan collectible. Fans of the King of Pop can own the same shirt design that Michael himself owned and wore. Available again now for a limited time at TattooApparel.com

The Perpetual Vogue Store and TattooApparel.com have been in business for over ten years. They have carried the Mission Clothing line for many years. Perpetual Vogue – Tattoo Apparel carries clothing and accessories that appeal to musicians and rock stars. They have many musicians among their customers and occasionally style bands for music video shoots. The Perpetual Vogue store is located in Southern California. The store is normally open to the public Tuesday – Saturday. Customers can also shop online 24/7 at TattooApparel.com. They ship worldwide.


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