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“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

In honor of Michael Jackson’s 57th birthday, I would like to propose an introductory step to foster and extend the philanthropic mission of Michael Jackson. This is not the makings of a new fan group, but a call for you to make a personal commitment to “make a change” in the world around us. In my view, this is the best possible way in which we can honor Michael’s memory and carry his legacy and memory forward for years to come.  Michael lived his life in accordance with his true belief that change starts with one person with the vision and dedication to make a difference.

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” – John F. Kennedy

Michael’s Vision


Even as a child, Michael Jackson believed that he could make a difference in the lives of all living things and the earth. his mother Katherine Jackson, was well aware of the compassionate nature of her son and once recalled:

“You remember when they used to show the little African kids starving to death, flies all around their mouth? We, Michael and I, would lay there on the floor watching TV…Michael would look up at me and said, ‘Mother,’ he said, ‘one day’ – he was only a kid then – ‘I’m going to do something about this.”

Katherine says he kept his promise, sending boxes and boxes of food to people who needed it, paying tuition for those who couldn’t afford it. After he got old enough to manage his own money and do things, everything he did was for the children.

“I was very proud of him because he remembered and he gave, up until his last day.”

We all know how much he loved children and wanted to end their suffering. He later founded his own charitable organization to just that.

“I started Heal the World Foundation to improve the conditions for children throughout the world.”

FB pictures12

Heal The World Mission Statement June 23, 1992  

“Our children are the most beautiful, most sweet, most treasured of our creations. And yet, every minute at least 28 children die. Today our children are at risk of being killed by diseases and by the violence of war, guns, abuse and neglect. Children have few rights and no one to speak for them. They have no voice in our world. God and nature has blessed me with a voice. Now I want to use it to help children speak for themselves. I have founded the “Heal The World Foundation” to be the voice of the voiceless: the children. Please join with me and the children to help heal the world together. Parents, communities, governments, all people of the world, we must put our children first. Finally and most importantly, I want to tell the children of the world, you are all our children, each one of you is my child and I love you all. Thank you very much.”

Michael’s genuine concern for the well-being of others made a huge impact upon the world that will always be felt. He overcame whatever doubts or fears he may have felt, strengthening himself to make a start and try to accomplish good in the world. He never quit, no matter how badly the odds were stacked against him. His faith, love and determination made him the greatest and most well-known superstar on the planet and a great role model for anyone to emulate.

“He was the most inspirational person in my life. His one dream was to cure all the sick children in the world. And when I’d say, ‘Isn’t that impossible?’ Michael would just start to cry. He was very emotional about things that moved him. I guess you’d have to say he was a pure innocent in a world that wasn’t so innocent anymore.” – Bret Ratner

Heal the World Foundation was just one part of Michael’s overall vision to  improve conditions in the world.  Due in part to his enormous influence as the world’s most renowned and popular entertainer, he was able to channel his considerable material resources and set aside time from a busy schedule to achieve that goal.  But even without fame or money, some of you may feel called to use your own special gifts and talents in other areas.  Everyone has something unique to offer the world.  (If you have not yet discovered what that is, this may be your opportunity to explore and discover what that may be.) Granted, the call for this type of commitment may not appeal to everyone, but it is a great start for those who have a burning desire to become an instrument of change.  Think of the words that Michael left to us as a legacy.  Draw your inspiration from them.  All that is required is your commitment to begin anew the work that Michael started.  This is a call for you to pledge to doing the work of healing the world, using what you already have, know, and are able to do—right where you are in your life—TODAY. It is time to take up the cause for action in honor of Michael’s memory. We are our brother’s keeper….will you answer the call?

In Our Darkest Hour
In My Deepest Despair
Will You Still Care?
Will You Be There? 

1. I promise to devote at least ____ (fill in the number of hours a week/month) to volunteering to help social issues and causes. I won’t just talk about the problems that I see, but I will do my part to end them. If I don’t have the time to volunteer, then I will make financial contributions to worthy causes that provide solutions.

“I feel guilty just sitting around when I know I can be doing something.” – Michael Jackson

” Dad said you should give back to community and help as best as you can. ~ Prince Jackson


  • Give money, food, time, clothing etc., to organizations in need.
  • Donate blood, bone marrow or become an organ donor.
  • Visit the sick or elderly person who may be confined to their own homes, nursing home or hospitals.
  • Do something nice for total stranger (leave change in a vending machine for the next person or add money to someone parking meter, etc.)
  • If you love children, babysit for a friend or family member. Parents, especially single parents on their own caring for children, need  and appreciate having a break to relax and rejuvenate.

 2. I promise to respect Planet Earth and to protect and preserve all of its beauty and grandeur for future generations. I will recycle and save energy. I will not litter, I will not pollute the water, soil, or air with chemicals and will use environmentally safe products. 

“Out of negligence, we have contaminated and polluted our planet and, in exchange, we hurt ourselves…The environment is an extension of our body and it gives the pulse of love, is the orchestra of universe’s symphony…Let’s heal…ourselves. Let us make a covenant with life and let us celebrate with joy a new world…” ~ Michael Jackson

“I respect the secrets and magic of nature. That’s why it makes me so angry when I see these things that are happening, that every second, I hear, the size of a football field is torn down in the Amazon. I mean, that kind of stuff really bothers me. That’s why I write these kinds of songs, you know. It gives some sense of awareness and awakening and hope to people. I love the Planet, I love the trees. I have this thing for trees – the colors and changing of leaves. I love it. I respect those kind of things. I really feel that nature is trying so hard to compensate for man’s mismanagement of the planet. Because the planet is sick, like a fever. If we don’t fix it now, it’s at the point of no return. This is our last chance to fix this problem that we have, where it’s like a runway train. And the time has come, This Is It…. It starts with us. It’s us. Or else it’ll never be done…  After that it would be irreversible. Let’s take care of the planet.” ~ Michael Jackson

3a. I promise to respect all life as precious and protect the animals and other creatures of nature. 

“How could you be mean or cruel to an animal? That’s like being cruel to a small child.” ~ Michael Jackson

“I love animals because all they really want from you is love. Too bad that’s even too much to ask for from some people.” ~ Michael Jackson

Examples of what you might do:

  • Give a neglected or homeless pet a home by adoption or providing temporary shelter.
  • Donate funds or items that pet shelters desperately need to care for their animals- e.g., blankets, pillow, newspapers. You can contact your local shelter to find out what items they can use.
  • Volunteer time to work at an animal shelter.

3b. I promise to care for the world’s children because they are our greatest future asset.

“I want to tell the children of the world, you are all our children, each one of you is my child and I love you all.” ~ Michael Jackson

“I’m not trying to be philosophical, but I really think it’s my job to help children.” ~ Michael Jackson

“Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone.”  ~ Michael Jackson

“Children, this is my opinion, represent the purest, the quintessence of honesty, of love, of God. To me they are God’s way of saying there is hope, there is such a thing as humanity. Be like children, be humble like them, be sweet, be giving, be innocent. It shows in the eyes, I always see it in eyes. When you look in a child’s eyes you see just a pure innocence and it reminds me to be humble, to be sweet, and to be really good. I don’t mean to sound weird, but I really believe that children are God. I think they are the purest form of the creation of God. When a child steps in the room I am totally changed. I feel their energy, their presence, and their spirit. I think we have to remember it is so easy for adults and parents to push them aside and not to pay attention to them. But I think they have so much to say and we don’t listen, we don’t feel. It’s almost hard to put it into words.” ~ Michael Jackson

Examples of what you might do:

  • Support great children’s charities and organizations
  • Become a mentor/role model to a child.
  • Volunteer to tutor kids with homework.
  • Adopt a child or become a foster parent
  • Become a child sponsor to help educate, provide health care, food, clothing and clean water to a needy child

4. I promise to treat my body as a temple and not abuse it. I will exercise regularly and meditate daily to increase productivity. (Note: Please check with your doctor before implementing new exercise or diet changes.)

“Calories do count. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” ~ Michael Jackson

I was a strict vegetarian for much of my life, until my doctor told me to include some fish and chicken in my diet for extra energy.” ~ Michael Jackson

“I don’t think he ever sat and did nothing, we were always running, exercising, he would teach me how to drive.” ~ Prince Jackson


Kobe Bryant on meditation: “When I was 18, Michael Jackson tried to get me to meditate. He could sit in meditation for seven hours. But I couldn’t sit still for 20 minutes.”

PG (Interviewer): “Michael Jackson?”

KB: “Yeah. “Thriller” Michael Jackson….It’s crazy to me that meditation is viewed as hokey. Just look at the people who’ve done phenomenal things. Do they meditate? Absolutely.” Source

“No matter what, the most powerful thing in the world is the human mind and prayer.” ~ Michael Jackson

“But for me the sweetest contact with God has no form. I close my eyes, look within, and enter the deep soft silence. The infinity of God’s creation embraces me.” ~ Michael Jackson

5. I promise that I will be a positive force wherever I go.  I will be grateful for all that I am and have because there are others who have greater needs than I do.

(Note: Not all of us are naturally happy people, but try to think about the things that you have to be thankful for. Make a list of them at the end of every day and you will see that you are better off than most people. When you stop thinking about yourself, it helps you to see the needs of others.

“But I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to.” ~ Michael Jackson

“I see a beautiful sunset and I say “God, that’s beautiful…Thank you”, or a baby smile or butterfly wings or anything like that.” ~ Michael Jackson

“I am happy to be alive, I am happy to be who I am.” ~ Michael Jackson

6. I promise to keep my mind and heart clear of negativity, whether it originates from my own negative thoughts or from the negative words and behavior of other people.

“Always believe in yourself. No matter who’s around you being negative or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off. Because whatever you believe, you become.” Michael Jackson

“People write negative things, cause they feel that’s what sells. Good news, to them, doesn’t sell.” ~ Michael Jackson

7. I promise to set new visions, goals and plans for my life to be a more productive citizen of this planet. I will be the best at whatever I set out to do. I will search until I find my purpose for being and use my gifts to reach others.

“I know who I am inside and outside, and I know what I want to do.  And I will always go with my dreams.” ~ Michael Jackson

“I have confidence in my abilities. I have real perseverance. Nothing can stop me when I put my mind to it.” ~ Michael Jackson

“I’m committed to my art. I believe that all art has as its ultimate goal the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine. And I believe that that is the very reason for the existence of art and what I do. And I feel fortunate in being that instrument through which music flows…” ~ Michael Jackson

“And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance. It’s like, my purpose, it’s what I’m here for.” ~ Michael Jackson

“I am always writing a potpourri of music. I want to give the world escapism through the wonder of great music and to reach the masses.”  ~ Michael Jackson


“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” Matt 5:9

Don’t underestimate the power of your vision to change the world. Whether that world is your office, your community, an industry or a global movement, you need to have a core belief that what you contribute can fundamentally change the paradigm or way of thinking about problems. – Leroy Hood

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have. – Margaret Mead

Click here for a list of Michael Jackson’s charitable acts and charities that he supported.

To help you get started, please see the  following sites below for ideas:

Girl Up

OxFam International

Better World Handbook

United Nations Foundation

List of charitable foundations

“Out of negligence, we have contaminated and polluted our planet and, in exchange, we hurt ourselves…The environment is an extension of our body and it gives the pulse of love, is the orchestra of universe’s symphony…Let’s heal…ourselves. Let us make a covenant with life and let us celebrate with joy a new world…” ~ Michael Jackson


If you have made the commitment, please sign this petition and…..


A special thanks to my dear friend, Angelwatcher for her feedback and support. 

Source/Initiator: All Things Michael

Michael Jackson’s Former Personal Chef Dishes On The King of Pop’s Eating Habits

Sources: People | All Things Michael


It’s Michael Jackson‘s birthday on Saturday, and his former personal chef is serving up some of the pop star’s favorite dishes to commemorate it.

Mani Niall, owner of Oakland’s Sweet Bar Bakery, met Jackson in 1982 and later went on to hit the road with him during the massively popular Victory tour, and he recalls his spectacular level of superstardom during that time.

“I got to know him before Thriller  was released,” Niall tells PEOPLE, “and watched the fame grow around him — it was pretty remarkable.”

While the world saw him as an untouchable pop phenomenon, Niall got to know him in a more humanizing way: through food.

And when that time came, finding the right food to satisfy him wasn’t always the easiest thing. Niall says that Jackson had a “fairly limited diet” and was “a vegetarian who didn’t like vegetables.”

“He liked pizza, but he didn’t like pasta,” he continues.

Another difficult workaround: He had a major sweet tooth, but he didn’t eat sugar and didn’t like chocolate.

Niall did find some dishes that were a home run, though. Mexican food like spicy smoked red chile enchiladas were a staple, and the singer was also fond of grilled tofu shish kebabs with couscous and Moroccan sauce.

Because Jackson was a Jehovah’s Witness during the time he was on tour with him, he never celebrated his birthday.

“Every year, his assistant would remind everybody: ‘Okay, Michael’s birthday’s coming up, but he doesn’t celebrate it,’ ” Niall remembers. “So this is also a really nice way, in retrospect, to celebrate his birthday since I couldn’t do it at the time.”


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SPECIAL EXHIBIT: Kent Twitchell’s Incredible Mural Of Michael Jackson

Sources: The Museum of the San Fernando Valley | Thanks to Karen O’Halloran

Fullscreen capture 8272015 73004 PM

Attendees first enter through the New Sahara Gallery (located in Suite 202A, on the same floor and building as the Museum) to learn about the three-year process in the making of the mural. There will be photographs highlighting Kent Twitchell’s career and additional Michael Jackson artifacts on display. Then head to the Museum to see various studies done by Kent Twitchell for the mural, as well as finished pieces of the 60 feet x 100 feet mural.

Donations are required for this special exhibit. The Museum is asking for a donation of at least $10/person. These funds will be dedicated towards having the entire mural placed on a building that has already been earmarked in Sherman Oaks, right down the street where Michael lived for some time in Encino.

Please assist the Museum in having this monumental mural placed in the valley as soon as possible. Help The Museum of the San Fernando Valley continue to preserve and educate residents and guests on the history, art and culture of the Valley.

The Musuem is located at 18860 Nordhoff St. #204, Northridge, CA 91324 – cross streets are Wilbur Ave. and Nordhoff St. – SE Corner – Spanish-style building. Free parking. Elevator access.

Please contact The Museum at 818-347-9665 for any other information.

The Museum Welcomes Michael Jackson Fan Club Members From All Over The World!



Saturday, June 20, 2015 through October 31, 2015

Tuesdays: 1pm – 8pm

Thursdays: 1pm – 6pm

Saturdays: 1pm – 6pm



For more information about the Musuem of the San Fernando Valley, please visit the website:

Have questions about SPECIAL EXHIBIT: Kent Twitchell’s Incredible Mural of Michael Jackson? Contact The Museum of the San Fernando Valley


Spike Lee’s Annual MJ Birthday Celebration To Unveil ‘Do The Right Thing Way’

Sources: DNA Info | All Things Michael


BEDFORD-STUYVESANT — A mash-up block party from directorSpike Lee is set to celebrate the co-naming of a Bed-Stuy street and pay tribute to the King of Pop.

Lee’s annual Michael Jackson birthday celebration returns to the neighborhood on Saturday, coinciding with the unveiling of “Do the Right Thing Way,” according to an announcement on the director’s Facebook page.

Stuyvesant Avenue between Lexington Avenue and Quincy Street will be co-named after the iconic movie filmed on the Bed-Stuy block.

The scheduled installation marks the first time a work of art will lend its name to a city street.

Brooklyn’s Community Board 3 approved the co-naming in June 2014 and Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the bill into law on Aug. 10.

Linda Hawkins, president of the street’s Do The Right Thing Way Block Association, said she was “thrilled” at the idea of the new signage.

Residents created the group in 2014 in honor of the classic film, Hawkins said, the same year Lee hosted a block party for the 25th anniversary of “Do the Right Thing.”

Saturday’s partygoers can walk Mookie’s brownstone-lined block as DJ Spinna plays tunes, many of which will include Michael Jackson’s hits.


While the festivities fall on the same day as the block association’s annual party and the street co-naming, it will also be combined with Lee’s “Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson” get-together, which in previous years has been held at Restoration Plaza and Prospect Park.

Celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Tracy Morgan have stopped by for appearances at prior events to honor the late pop star.

Representatives from 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, Lee’s production company, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Saturday’s celebration.

The Brooklyn Loves MJ and Do the Right Thing Block Party will be held on Aug. 29, from noon to 6 p.m. on Stuyvesant Avenue between Lexington Avenue and Quincy Street.


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Michael Jackson’s Personal Chef Prepares King of Pop’s Favorite Foods At Oakland Bakery For His Birthday

Sources: NBCBay Area – BY Tamara Palmer | All Things Michael


Mani Niall was Michael Jackson’s personal chef for two years at the peak of his fame, traveling the world with the star after the release of his seminal albumThriller.

Niall is now an accomplished cookbook author and owner of Oakland’s Sweet Bar Bakery (2355 Broadway). He remembers Jackson with fondness and will celebrate his birthday on Aug. 29 by cooking up some of the King of Pop’s favorite dishes from their time together.

As a Jehovah’s Witness, Jackson never celebrated his birthday when Niall was his chef, so this is Niall’s way of making up for lost time.

“His effect on my life is immeasurable and probably made me get serious about cooking,” Niall said. “It was just a job until I met him. I saw how hard he worked at his craft and it was, well, inspirational. Plus he had fun with the people he met and worked with, sort of like the best part of running a food business.”

Stop in at Sweet Bar starting Friday to try Jackson’s favorite pizza, which had shiitake mushrooms, Japanese eggplant and roasted peppers (“Very Eighties,” Niall joked). For dessert, Niall is serving “‘ookies,” which he likened to pecan sandies, dusted with maple sugar.


Niall said these specials will be offered for about a week.

On a side note, Niall recently spotted himself (clad in a turban) arriving with Jackson at London’s Heathrow Airport in 1985 thanks to a video posted to YouTube.

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Kanye West Will Receive The Michael Jackson Vanguard Award At The MTV VMA’s

Featured Image -- 68921

Originally posted on AllHipHop:

Kanye West will be receiving the top honor at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday (Aug. 30). Yeezy will reportedly be presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award for his distinctively creative music videos that he has released throughout his a career.

Whether Ye’ will hit the stage or not has not been confirmed.

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Past honorees include Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Michael Jackson himself.

West is also up for a moonman for Video With A Social Message for being featured on Big Sean’s track “One Man Can Change The World.”

The 2015 MTV Music Awards will air on Sunday, Aug. 30th at 9:00 p.m EST from the Microsoft Theater, previously known as the Nokia Theater L.A.

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This Is What The VMA Red Carpet Looked Like In 1995

Sources: MTV | All Things Michael

Michael Jackson


Not only did the King of Pop arrive to the ’95 VMAs in a decked-out patent leather jacket, skinny jeans and gold leg armor ensemb’, but this was the year he performed a 15-minute medley of his hits “Beat It,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Black or White” and “Smooth Criminal.” Whewwww, whatta show.

Janet Jackson


Janet–who won a Best Dance Video Moonman for her video “Scream” with Michael–wore a crop top with “Pervert” written across the back paired with wide-leg trousers and a perfectly-messy pixie. This year, Nicki Minaj also wore a “Pervert” tee in her “Feeling Myself” vid with Beyonce—Janet’s impact, y’all.

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston


The couple decided to match in trenches and even went for the typical prom pose for this picture.


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Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello ‘Burst Into Tears’ While Visiting Michael Jackson’s Childhood Home

Sources: Billboard – By Ashely Lasimone | All Things Michael


On a day off between scheduled concerts in Milwaukee and Buffalo, N.Y., Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello had the opportunity to tour the Gary, Ind., home in which Michael Jackson was raised. According to a series of tweets from Cabello, the experience deeply moved the singer — and it led to her writing words of encouragement to her two million Twitter followers.

Jackson’s childhood home is a small two-bedroom house where he lived with his parents and siblings before finding success with the Jackson 5 and as a solo artist.

“Needless to say I burst into tears,” she revealed of her visit to the King of Pop’s original home, before posting a set of inspired tweets telling fans that “you can be who you want to be if you work hard enough.”

Cabello — who was born in Cuba before moving to the U.S. and eventually making it onto The X Factor, where Fifth Harmony was formed — said that she can relate to kids who “don’t think they have a real shot at their dreams because of the circumstances.”

“I thought I didn’t have a shot — no money, no connections, no hope, nothing,” she wrote.

See Cabello’s full message below, as well as tweets from Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke Hernandez, who said “it was one of the most surreal, chilling & beautiful experiences.”


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